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The new has come! »

As we began Lent, many asked me, “What are you giving up for Lent?” This reminded me of a similar question they asked a few short months ago, “What is your New Year’s resolution?” I don’t know about you, but for me every January brings a rash of New Year’s resolutions. And every Lent, I

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Stop, wait a minute »

Reformation is the word that describes the spirit of my Lutheran faith tradition. For me, reformation theology speaks of freedom and equality. I think of Martin Luther and Argula von Grumbach, two reformers who were concerned about the urgent issues of their day. They fought for freedom: freedom of conscience, freedom from injustice, freedom from human-made oppressions and

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Fasting as a communal experience »

Fasting means deliberately putting ourselves in a state of need, a state of dependence. Without a regular spiritual practice to remind us of our dependence, we can too easily place ourselves at the center of our world. And when we think we are the center of the world, it is nearly impossible for us to truly find connection

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Distractions »

In preparing for Lent this year, I’m asking myself what I’m allowing to distract me. If I rid myself of distractions, I’m forced to encounter circumstances or truths that I don’t want to deal with. Lent can be excruciating. But, when I notice the work of God in my life, I learn to pause.

Every Lent, I get a little

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Shame versus guilt »

The sacraments took on new meaning to me as I came to understand who I was as a woman living with mental illness. A key component of my depression and anxiety is traced back to shame.

I love how Dr. Brené Brown differentiates between guilt and shame: guilt is thinking that you did something bad. Shame is

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Your best self »

The world needs your best self–the woman God created you to be, the woman from whom energy and love are overflowing and whose compassion pours forth from a joyful heart. The world does not need a tired, resentful, self-identified martyr. It needs a woman who celebrates self-love and nurtures her core.

We must check our cholesterol

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Trigger words »

Some words trigger misunderstandings. One of those words is feminist. Its dictionary meaning says it is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.”

Equal rights for all people: male or female (white or brown, rich or poor).

Some people apparently have the idea that feminists are something like gun-toting Annie Oakleys.  (Actually, Ms. Oakley was

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The tether that connects »

I used to view the sacraments as components of my faith tradition, I now understand them to be the tether that connects me to my understanding of who God is and how God shows up in my life. They keep me grounded in a world that is moving further away from authentic, life-giving connection.

I no

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