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Lamenting together

What do you lament about the past year?

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Our Purpose Statement

“As a community of women created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to grow in faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action, and promote healing and wholeness in the church, the society, and the world.”

Are you a faithful friend?

Build community with our Faithful Friends program

Our community of women called to discipleship in Jesus Christ is built on a foundation of friendship, faithfulness, and hope for our future together. You can help firm up our foundation of faith and hope by joining Faithful Friends, our monthly giving program.

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Daily Grace

Sacred connection

As women, we have a sacred connection to the earth. Our energy connects us to the phases of the moon,

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What does it mean to be a leader in uncertain times?

More than 200 Lutheran women gathered by Zoom under the theme Pivot, Don’t Panic!, Feb. 18-20, 2021. The event addressed what it means to be a leader in these uncertain times. On our special Pivot Don’t Panic page, we’ve uploaded videos of the event and offer resources used by participants, including a Thankoffering worship service. The event took the place of our annual Conference of Presidents gathering.
Join Lutheran women across the church every Tuesday at noon

Come together every Tuesday at noon (in your time zone) to pray together.

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Monthly Devotion

Using language everyone can understand to carry on the work of the Holy Spirit

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Find purpose in lament by transforming your passion into action

by Laura Brix Newbury WE RARELY USE THE TERM LAMENT in conversation these days. With visions of sackcloth and ashes,

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Women of the ELCA publications, Gather and Cafe, win 15 awards

WOMEN OF THE ELCA PUBLICATIONS won 15 awards for 2020 communications work from the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) and the

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How can Women of the ELCA begin to act more like elephants?

When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. This ancient proverb means that the weak get hurt in conflicts

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