Gift Planning

Women are changing lives with money

In fact, that’s how Women of the ELCA got started. In the early 1800s, Ladies Aid circles formed to help congregations build their first sanctuaries and pay pastor’s salaries. When the larger church would not support single women as missionaries, women’s mission circles raised the dollars and sent women to serve overseas as nurses, teachers, and translators.

Gift planning is part of this tradition. Women of all income levels are using gift plans to make lasting impact on ministry, and provide for their loved ones.

Today, women give millions each year to Women of the ELCA and other ELCA ministries to support advocacy and education, eradicate malaria, resist racism, improve maternal and child nutrition, help disaster victims, and grow the church.

How can my giving make a bigger impact on mission and ministry? How can I support the church while providing for my family and meeting my own financial needs?

These are questions that women of faith have been asking–and answering–for generations. Gift planning starts here.

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