WELCA Campus Application

Please read the statement below. After you submit this application, you will be contacted.

Statement of compliance:

Like all other units, special units have their own constitutions and function in accordance with Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s Approved Model Constitution and Bylaws.

Special units also need to operate within the policies and procedures of the institution in which they are located so that issues concerning institutional recognition and liability are addressed (for example, a special unit on a college campus would need to observe the rules for being recognized as a campus organization).

This applying unit is recognized by the institution. Please attach original or copy of appropriate documentation and obtain appropriate institutional official signature. Once recognized, special units function in the way that congregational and intercongregational units function. They are eligible to send a delegate to the synodical women’s organization convention in the synod where the special unit is located, provided that the unit meets the constitutional requirements for doing so, and to nominate women for election to synodical and churchwide women’s organization offices and positions.

Special units are included in cluster or conference and synodical activities in the geographic location where they are organized, as well as in educational and leadership opportunities sponsored by the churchwide organization.

In applying, this unit agrees to participate in the synodical women’s convention, in cluster or conference activities, and in churchwide women’s organization events.