VBS Scavenger Hunt

Use this scavenger hunt to help you keep an eye out for things that remind you of the Women of the ELCA Vacation Bible school theme, “Jesus Loves You.” 

Download this PDF to use offline.

Look around you. Can you find something that

  • reminds you that you are a beloved Child of God.
  • makes you want to start a conversation.
  • is in need of mercy or grace.
  • makes you want to learn more about it.
  • gives you hope for the future.
  • would make Jesus angry.
  • would make Jesus proud.
  • leaves you inspired or in awe.
  • you can do something to change or make more just.
  • Jesus may have seen in his time on earth.
  • celebrates diversity in the kingdom of God.
  • reminds you of a song or Bible verse.