God’s Gift of Money: Stewarding Money Wisely Recordings

Session 1: Living out our faith through our use of money
Main presenter: Jenny Norris Peterson

What does the Bible teach us about giving, saving, and spending? How are your practices aligned with biblical teaching recognizing that the Bible presents various approaches regarding giving especially? What did you learn about financial practices from your family?

Session 2: Finance 101: A primer for gaining confidence with money
Main presenters: Cynthia Halverson and the Rev. Ana Lugo

Determining your own net worth (you may be surprised) helps inform your use of money. Understanding basic finance vocabulary builds confidence and comprehension. Become empowered to make informed and inspired financial decisions that reflect your faith and values.

Session 3: Getting Ready for and enjoying retirement
Main presenter: Kathleen Rehl

Join this session to delve into crucial considerations for planning and enjoying retirement with wisdom, intention, and insight. Learn to shape your retirement years—with a partner or on your own—to reflect your lifestyle goals and values.

Session 4: Philanthropic possibilities: Giving through your estate plan
Main presenter: Brenda Moore

Planned gifts allow women to live out their faith and values as part of their legacy. This session will be filled with stories of women who’ve done just that. Learn about bequests in wills, life insurance gifts, IRA bequests, charitable gift annuities, and charitable trusts.

Session 5: Philanthropic possibilities: giving right now
Main presenter: Jenny Norris Peterson

We end the series with more stories of women who live out their faith and values through giving generously of their financial assets. You’ll learn more about 2122: Growing Katie’s Fund for the next 100 years and how you can make a gift to the $1 million campaign for Katie’s Fund.