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You have the urge to get together with your friends and study God’s word. Women of the ELCA can help with that. We offer resources for programs that you can finish in a day or over a weekend. You decide by the amount of time you have. But, really, who wouldn’t want to get away from house chores for as long as possible? And grow in your spiritual life in the process.

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The Story of Peter and Cornelius »

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This Bible study on Acts 10, the story of Peter and Cornelius, can also be used in your group to introduce people to Scripture that affirms diversity as being both of God and part of the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Gifts for You: Opening Your Spiritual Gifts

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Discovering or recovering your spiritual gifts and exploring how you can better use them is part of growing in faith and discipleship. Gifts for You, complete with two Bible studies, will help you in that discovery with its spiritual gifts assessment.

Resurrection: A Holy Discipline

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In Luke 20:36, we are called “children of the resurrection.” What does this mean? Is it a reference to a future event, the resurrection of our spiritual selves? Or might it have implications for our lives and the lives of others here and now? Consider how resurrection might appear in our everyday lives here and now with this multi-session program.

Sacred Space as Metaphor

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Sacred Space as Metaphor follows an earlier resource, Sacred Spaces. Since we know God creates a sacred space within each of us, we can live into this metaphor, embracing all that is ours in Christ and the question, “In what ways am I experiencing the life of Christ?” This resource will help you engage the sacred work of growing into Christ as a bearer and reflector of God’s grace and love for the world.

Stitches & Scripture

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This 4-session Bible study takes seven weeks and pairs seasoned knitting mentors with beginners. Novice knitters will learn several basic knitting techniques as the group makes scarves and dishcloths, perhaps to donate to others. Everyone will learn a bit about how knitting is frequently used in Scripture as a metaphor to describe God’s creative and intimate relationship with us.

Understanding & Responding to Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is the third-largest criminal industry in the world after drugs and arms trafficking. This program will help you understand what human trafficking is, what is being done to stop it and how you and your church can participate in those efforts.

Caring for the Earth as God's People

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Discover what it means to have dominion over the earth and see why caring for the earth is an expression of gratitude to God for its riches. Use this short resource in connection with Earth Day or any time you want to explore increasing your commitment to caring for creation.

Advent: A Season for All generations

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This two-part Advent program can be used by a group of any size. You’ll discuss various customs and explore the biblical figures of Advent (Zechariah and Elizabeth, Simeon and Anna, Joseph and Mary, and more). You might use it with your regular study group or as a special Advent Bible study group. Each part takes about 20 to 45 minutes and includes prayer, hymns, Scripture, narration, and discussion.

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