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Women of the ELCA offers a multitude of programs and resources to help you grow in your spiritual life.

Here we offer you a list of resources that can be used when you are alone at your kitchen table with a cup of coffee. Now that sounds like heaven.

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Historical Timeline of Race Relations »

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This historical timeline begins with the Doctrine of Discovery and focuses on the immigration and naturalization trends that created and preserved a mostly White nation. It culminates in the criminalization of people of color after the emancipation of the African slave.


All About Thankofferings

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This program will help you better understand the history and significance of Women of the ELCA’s Thankoffering tradition. Did you know that the concept of Thankoffering celebrations dates back more than 100 years and beyond Lutherans? Thankofferings show gratitude for God’s blessings and give us an important and tangible way to express that gratitude. It is a tradition grounded in our celebration of community, of meeting together to joyfully give thanks for what God has given us.

Kitchen Table Philanthropy

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Do you discuss your beliefs and values around giving together as a family? Have you ever asked your children if there are places or causes they would like the family to make a commitment to? This short resource has ideas to help you start talking about giving with your family. It includes conversation starters, questions for personal reflection and ideas on how to make giving a regular part of your children's lives.

Rachel's Day

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Did you know that every 30 minutes a child or teen dies or is injured from a gun? Take a look at our updated Rachel's Day resource that offers information on how you can work within your community and congregation to combat gun violence.

Our Journey to Wellness

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We are called to be Christ’s light in the world, and when we care for our whole being—body, mind, and spirit—we are most able to do that. Learn how in Our Journey to Wellness.

Listening to God


This resource was written for Women of the ELCA by Debra Farrington, a popular author and motivational speaker. It consists of six flexible hour-long sessions exploring what it means for an individual to discern God's hopes and desires for her life and what it means for a group to discern what their God-given gifts are for ministry. Ideal for a small group in either a retreat or workshop setting.

Celebrating Bold Women's Day

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Celebrating Bold Women’s Day is full of ideas to make your celebration special. Whether you're planning one event, many events or even just want to observe Bold Women's Day individually, this resource is a handy planning guide.

A Thoughtful Prayer Life

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A Thoughtful Prayer Life: Making time and space for what matters explores some of Martin Luther’s and Deitrich Bonhoeffer’s thoughts on prayer. You’re invited to consider times at work where you feel particularly prayerful and reflect on times of trouble that drive you to prayer, among other things. This resource includes a hands-on bead making activity.

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