Respond with Justice

jus·tice noun [ˈjəs-təs]

  • a: justice is faith in action; it addresses inequities in political, economic and social systems;
  • b: justice is equity and impartiality, mercy and compassion;
  • c: justice includes serving God in ways that bring healing and wholeness to the church, the society and the world;

Women of the ELCA justice initiatives include combating commercial sexual exploitation, human trafficking and supporting families with special needs through our online resources. We advocate for racial and cultural equity through our anti-racism training and our cross-cultural programing.

Women active in Women of the ELCA also work for justice by supporting partner organizations who lift up women and children such as the 1,000 Days Movement, Lutheran World Relief, and the Women’s Funding Network.

Below are some justice resources you can use to put your faith in action.

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Rachel's Day

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Download Rachel's Day (2009) | En español

This new resource offers step-by-step information on how you can carry out a service project that helps incarcerated mothers and fathers read to their children. Your congregation donates books, blank tapes, and recorders, and then volunteers help parents choose a book, record it, and mail the recording to their children. Rachel’s Day is observed by Women of the ELCA annually on the first Sunday in May, though it can be observed any time of the year. It is a time set aside to mourn the loss of our children and to renounce the forces of violence and fear.

Resurrection: A Holy Discipline

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In Luke 20:36, we are called “children of the resurrection.” What does this mean? Is it a reference to a future event, the resurrection of our spiritual selves? Or might it have implications for our lives and the lives of others here and now? Consider how resurrection might appear in our everyday lives here and now with this multi-session program.

Understanding & Responding to Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is the third-largest criminal industry in the world after drugs and arms trafficking. This program will help you understand what human trafficking is, what is being done to stop it and how you and your church can participate in those efforts.

Being Good Stewards of Water

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Learn what “virtual water consumption” is, how North Americans compare to Europeans and Africans on water use, and easy ways to conserve and recycle water—which is good not only for the local and global environment but for your wallet, too.

Caring for the Earth as God's People

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Discover what it means to have dominion over the earth and see why caring for the earth is an expression of gratitude to God for its riches. Use this short resource in connection with Earth Day or any time you want to explore increasing your commitment to caring for creation.

Pentecost, Prayer & Power

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This short program connects the disciples’ experience at Pentecost and the days leading up to it with three areas in which we can be a blessing to others through prayer and action: women’s health, violence against women and clearing the “red tape” that keeps people from being fully empowered.

Women Over 50 & HIV/AIDS

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In the U.S., the number of new cases of HIV among women 50 years of age and older is increasing at an alarming rate. This is a population well represented within our organization and denomination, and among our friends and family. This short program addresses the need for people over 50 to know how to protect themselves.

God Colors Outside the Lines: A Short Workshop on Diversity & God's Church

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Diversity is one way God demonstrates genius at coloring outside the lines. Through scripture and simple, brief exercises, this short resource will help you demonstrate how diversity is a gift from God, as well as a trait of God, worthy of our exploration and embrace.

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