Look in the mirror: Do you see a leader?

former leadersby Audrey Riley

Good stewardship means not only taking care of the financial resources God has entrusted to us, but also taking care of the organization God has entrusted to us. One good way to do that is to keep an eye open for potential leaders--and then to encourage them. Invite them to consider serving in a leadership role.

Ask if they would be open to serving on your synodical or churchwide board. And if they say yes, nominate them for that role. (The same thing applies if you see a potential leader in the mirror. Are you willing and able to serve?)

Many of us were brought up to be humble and modest and not to draw attention to ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But good stewardship of our beloved organization calls for good women who are willing and able to serve, whether they feel “deserving” or not, to do something that might be out of character and make themselves known.

Are you willing? Are you able? Will you serve? Your women’s organization needs good stewards to care for it so that we can hand it on to the next generation in good shape. Your women’s organization needs you.

Let us pray.

God, you see the abilities of all your children, even though we often do not. Help us to see as you do, to see the leaders around us and within us who can steward and serve our beloved community of women wisely and well. Help us recognize and exercise the abilities you have given each of us to carry out our shared mission--to act boldly on our faith in your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Audrey Riley is director for stewardship for Women of the ELCA.


How to nominate a woman for the board

Q. Who can nominate someone for the churchwide board of Women of the ELCA?

A. Someone who has been elected to serve as a voting member at the Tenth Triennial Convention can nominate someone, or a congregational unit can nominate someone.

Q. How do we do that?

A. Use the nominations form online to nominate someone for a leadership position. Ask your nominee to fill in the part that tells about her, and you fill in the part that tells about you.

Q. Can I nominate myself?

A. Yes, as long as someone from your unit or a voting member-elect seconds your nomination by filling in the second part of the form.

Q. Is there a deadline?

A. Yes. November 30 is the last day to nominate someone online. Nominations will also be received on the floor of the Triennial Convention.

Q. Should I be bold and ask my unit to nominate me for the churchwide board?

A. Yes!



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