February devotion: Happy birthday, Katie!

On January 29, 1499, a little girl was born in Saxony, not far from the city of Leipzig. No one could possibly have foreseen that she would live on in the hearts of her sisters in faith for centuries to come—but that’s what happened.

Little Katharina von Bora grew up to marry Martin Luther, but that’s only part of what makes her so appealing to women today. She was a role model for women in every age.

Thanks to her convent training, Katie was familiar not only with theology and the life of faith, but with all the ins and outs of managing a bustling household that was always ready to welcome guests—from princes and professors to poor relatives, not to mention students. Theology students were always eager to move into Lutherhaus!

Dinner conversation around the Luthers’ table was the main attraction, of course, but another attraction (especially for the students) might have been that Martin didn’t charge for room and board. Neither did he accept any payment as he traveled from place to place, lecturing, preaching and debating. And Martin loved to give to the poor, for as he said, “God put fingers on our hands for the money to slide through them so God can give us more. Whatever a person gives away, God will reimburse.”

Martin earned a good salary teaching and preaching in Wittenberg, but even so, the expenses of Lutherhaus and Martin’s ministry always ate it up—and then some. How could the household and the ministry stay afloat? Martin himself said that if he had to take care of the building, brewing and cooking, he’d surely die.

No worry about that with Katie around. Not only was she an energetic and expert household manager, she was a prudent steward of the Luthers’ financial life. She bought and sold land and livestock, crops and kegs of beer, always looking out for good bargains. She knew that Martin and his historic ministry depended on her wise management of the family’s resources.

Would it be too much to say that Martin Luther’s ministry would not have been possible without Katie alongside him? That’s for others to decide, but I think we can safely say that her careful stewardship made his work easier. He was able to keep on traveling and preaching and persuading right up to the end of his life, 18 years after marrying the woman he called the Morning Star of Wittenberg.

Good stewardship means striking a balance between taking care of our ministry and ministering to others. When we send our Thankofferings, Regular Offerings, and undesignated “Where Needed Most” gifts to Women of the ELCA, we are taking care of our ministry—just as Katie Luther took good care of the ministry centered at Lutherhaus.

Happy birthday, Katie, and thanks for everything.

To learn more about about Katharina von Bora, view our free, downloadable resource.


Image credit: Gunnar Heydenreich, Cranach digital archive, http://lucascranach.org/home

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How to Give

For Congregational Units

Download a copy of Form B, and fill it in as shown in this example. Make out your check to Women of the ELCA and mail it with Form B to:

Women of the ELCA
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For Individuals

To give online with a credit card, please visit welca.org/give and click “Women of the ELCA Where Needed Most.” Fill in the amount of your Thankoffering and then under “Designation,” click “Thankoffering.”

To give by mail, please make out your check to Women of the ELCA and write “Thankoffering” on the memo line. Mail it to:

Women of the ELCA
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To give by phone with a credit card, please call 800-638-3522.

Thank you!