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Drawn home »

I have a self-help book called 40 Days to a New You, which I bought on a whim at an airport. Well, that’s not what Lent is. Self improvement is a fine goal, but that’s not what this church season is about.

Lent is walking on a journey

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Virginia’s gift »

Recently our pastor asked us on Facebook to name Black women we admire who are still alive. Responses poured in and she mentioned them in her sermon. The names included media moguls like Oprah Winfrey, political activists and authors like Angela Davis, Tony Morrison and Michelle

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You’ve got mail! »

When it’s bone chilling cold in Chicago, I often think about the countless number of women who serve as mail carriers all over this city and pray for their safety while they brave the elements. And, during February—Black History Month—I attempt to tie my random thoughts and prayers to the first African Americans to accomplish

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From beads to ashes »

Today is Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. “Shrove” comes from the word “shrive,” which referred to the confession of sins that was customary in the European Middle Ages as a preparation for Lent.

Over the centuries, different cultures have developed creative ways of celebrating the

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What week is it? »

Who knew? Organize Your Files Week (third week in April)? National Bubble Week (second week in March)? Fishing Week (first week in June)? This past week, February 8-14, we celebrated Boy Scout Week.

On May 1, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson established Boy Scout Week, saying “America cannot acquit herself commensurately with her power and influence in the great

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Tis the Season! For Seasonal Affective Disorder… »

It’s a cold winter evening, the sun is setting and I’m writing while I half-watch a rerun of “The Good Wife.” The t.v. is on because I need the background noise. I need it to drown out the feeling of dread churning in my stomach and making my whole body hum with anxiety. In

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Roses are red, violets are blue »

I remember when my sons were in grade school and Valentine’s Day came around. We would spend time picking out cards that would be distributed to classmates and friends, and, of course, there were always candy hearts and boxes of chocolates.

Valentine Day is, of course, about

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La Esperanza, Guatemala: Basic necessities? »

On a study tour to learn about the effects of various U.S. policies on hunger in developing nations, as exemplified by Guatemala and Nicaragua, I was awakened to some very harsh realities. Our group visited a community outside Guatemala City. Our first stop was a small clinic. We were seated on benches listening to an

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