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The toll of rudeness »

You know the situation. Your colleague at work or your neighbor or a member of your congregation says something rude to you. For a moment, you are stunned, taken aback—and unable to utter a retort.  So, you let the indiscretion pass, and then you mull it over and over on your drive home.

You rehash

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We are soul sisters »

by Helen Hollingsworth

My uncle told me this story about my grandmother:

I would drive my mother in the wagon down the road to the church house for prayer service, where maybe a half dozen women gathered. … I could hear their voices rippling through the night air, weeping and crying out to God…like when the

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Social media in times of grief »

by Emily Carson

In challenging times, where do you go for comfort and support? Many people turn to social media to both give and receive encouragement during the ups and downs of life. A death in the family, an illness, a fractured relationship.

These are all experiences that leave us yearning for a chance to connect

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An image of love »

In this summer’s Gather Bible study, author Angela Shannon writes, “…if we are to achieve the grand vision of unity in Christ Jesus, we must see each other as children of God…perfect love casts out fear, and who is God? LOVE.”


We all know we are supposed to love one another, but it’s

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I’m curious now »

I have an app on my phone that tells me what is being celebrated and observed on any particular day.

Today, there are three: Dump the Pump encourages uses of public transportation; National Fudge Day, Great! Eat fudge! and the third, the Soweto uprising.

Now this last one piqued my

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Are you ready to do more? »

When I volunteer with my local food depository, I meet a lot of people who want to do more to help their community, city, families and individuals in need of nutritious meals.

This last time I met Sam and his wife, Katrina. They brought five friends along to help and to celebrate Katrina’s birthday. 

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What does it mean to be God’s church? »

by Brooke Gregory

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the statewide gathering of congregations for my Nebraska ELCA church. The experience fostered hope and a sense of unity in our purpose.

My husband and I arrived home late following the event and the next day was filled with activity – the frantic attempt to

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Welcomed to the community »

by Elizabeth Gaskins

One Sunday after I’d joined St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Paducah, Ky., Mrs. Lillie Vannerson was the one who offered an invitation: “I’ll see you at our women’s meeting next Sunday after late service,” she said. “Bring a dish to share.”

Later, she offered another invitation: “You will be our congregation’s delegate to

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