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Held back by tradition »

The year was 1982. A nephew was about to be born, and I wanted to make a quilt for him. The little I knew then about quilting could fit in a thimble. Both my grandmothers had been quilters but I’d never seen a quilt in progress. Few books were available then about this uniquely

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You are a poet »

You can blame my mother for the excitement that overcomes me during National Poetry Month every April. From the moment I learned to read, she was continually supplying me with the work of Shel Silverstein, paperback copies of Shakespeare’s sonnets and old literature textbooks from the thrift store.

For me poetry has become a

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Encourage accomplishment »

As I completed my various levels of schooling (8th grade through graduate degree), I never wanted to participate in the graduation ceremonies or celebrate the occasions. I didn’t think that was important.

As a parent, I see things differently. I believe celebrating the small steps in a child’s life propels them to higher accomplishments.

This year—2016—is

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What’s new about Rachel’s Day? »

Many Women of the ELCA congregational units and individual women are not aware of Rachel’s Day or know of the new resource we produced in 2015.

And some are asking “What does Women of the ELCA have new this year for Rachel’s Day?”

Rachel’s Day is an annual observance by Women of the ELCA (the first

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Render unto Caesar »

Tomorrow, April 15, is Tax Day – but thanks to Emancipation Day all of us procrastinators have until April 18 to file our tax returns.

Working for H&R Block, I have helped hundreds of Americans render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

I have never had a client who wasn’t happy to get a refund.

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Free speech vs. right speech »

Are we our actions or our words? Are we evolving, growing living beings?

Does our free will give us the capacity to choose our responses to life? Or, are we forever to be caught in a cycle of habit and reaction to what life brings?

Guilt is the feeling we have when we have made a

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Midlife beginner »

by Anne Basye

The subject was spring mulching. Mulch when soil is warm, advised our teacher, and soil will revel in the added nutrients and organic matter. Mulch too early, and the soil will shiver for weeks, sealed off from the sun’s rays.

So how can you tell when to mulch?

“Pull down your pants and sit!”

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Reliving the story »

“Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!  Alleluia!”

Familiar words this time of year, but sometimes I wonder if we’ve heard the Easter story so many times that it makes it easier to forget that radical message . . . to forget the “shock and awe” of the resurrection.

Think about it . . . 

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