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Let your fingers do the walking »

While following the United Methodist Church’s General Conference earlier this month, a particular story caught my eye. Women who are part of United Methodist Women, our counterpart women’s organization, had made finger labyrinths “for weary General Conference delegates looking for respite from the stresses and strains of seemingly endless policymaking.”

I’d seen

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Boot camp offers look at Women of the ELCA »

On a snowy morning in April, I was excited to attend a Women of the ELCA Boot Camp. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was intrigued by the title of this event—2016 WELCA Boot Camp—sponsored by the Indiana-Kentucky Synodical Women’s Organization.

When my colleague Valora Starr and I arrived at First English Lutheran

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Parks and recreation »

Just one block from our house, there’s a park I love visiting with my two sons.

Sitting on a bench and enjoying the fresh air is enough, really. If I have work to do, I’ll read or check emails or text messages. But sometimes I’ll join in a soccer game with them, especially if they’re

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Counting the spoons »

Have you ever heard of the spoon theory? Blogger Christine Miserandino came up with it one night in a diner when a good friend asked her what it was like to live with a chronic illness—in her case, lupus.

She grabbed a handful of spoons and had her friend hold them like a bouquet as

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How to have a helpful conversation about race »

We are all members of the same race: the human race. Biological differences in races do not exist. (I strongly recommend the PBS three-part series, “Race: The Power of an Illusion” for further explanation.)

People of color mostly dislike the phrase non-Whites. It speaks to what we are not as opposed to

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God works in mysterious ways »

by Kristin Dill

The old saying, “God works in mysterious ways,” I can attest to be true. In 2010, my husband of then 21 years heard a call to serve the church as an ordained pastor. I was completely shocked.

You see, when we met, he was atheist. Now, 26 years and two kids later, I

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First impressions »

by Mirim Kim

A couple of years ago, I didn’t understand WELCA. After a few years abroad and a separation from the church, I couldn’t understand the alphabet soup that represented women’s ministry. I’m a lifelong Lutheran, but I’d never heard of WELCA (Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America).

A few months later,

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Transitioning into new beginnings: Part 2 »

In May of 2014, I wrote a blog called “Transitioning into new beginnings” where I talk of my excitement for my daughter’s graduation and celebrate her accomplishments as she headed to college.

“Though I celebrate her, I also feel that this is a graduation of my own, a graduation of transition and acceptance

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