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Starting a unit »

My efforts to support congregational, inter-congregational and special units is ongoing.  I receive phone calls, emails and referrals from women that are interested in starting a new unit in their congregation but often they don’t know where to start. Some calls are from women that want to learn more about our resources so they can

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Acts of kindness »

I’ve had a few health struggles over the last year (doctors think it’s an auto-immune disease). One day earlier this month I was having some issues with lightheadedness and nausea, so I decided to take a cab home from work, rather than walk to the train.

A guy

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We all need support »

By the time you read this, a new chapter of my life has already begun: college. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today is in fact my Northwestern University Move-In Day!

I can honestly say that as I’m writing this, feelings of nervousness and excitement are rushing over me at just the thought of moving my things in

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Mother Goose »

I usually spend my long commute home listening to a popular radio show. Every day the host poses a question for the “grown folks” conversation. He begins with a back story that explains what prompted the question.

Distracted by the traffic report (50 more minutes), the host

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Lessons learned »

September 26 will be my last day on the staff of Women of the ELCA. I am leaving to move to Los Angeles with my husband, Andy. It has been a privilege to serve this organization as director for stewardship and development for the past three

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Who is your neighbor? »

“Well, I guess I’ll like it, but I’m really going to miss you”. These words were spoken by Henry, my eight-year-old neighbor who I have known for his whole life and who is moving to another house. He and his sister were born a year and a half apart and have become important parts of

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Taking the secular and making it sacred »

Last week I went to a local Laundromat to wash three quilts that were too big for our home washing machine. I picked a particular Laundromat with the help of online reviews. According to Yelp, the attendant at this particular Laundromat—Helen is her name—made it one of the best spots in town.

The Laundromat opened at

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How will you help our organization meet its budget? »

This isn’t a flashy blog post but it calls us to great responsibility. At the recent Ninth Triennial Convention of WELCA. I spoke adamantly at the mike (which I’ve never done in the past four triennials I attended) in opposition to the reduction in the size of the churchwide executive board. Two minutes was not

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