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Who are you this Christmas? »

In 1985, as Christmas day grew near, when I was in my last month of pregnancy, I identified closely with Mary. I thought about the dreams she had for her baby, and I tried to figure out how the heck she rode a donkey. I remember

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All things are possible »

My two daughters have blessed me with three grandchildren ages 10, 6 and 1. My oldest daughter has to be at work at 5:30 a.m. so she drops her two off with me in the morning at 5:00. Yesterday I had all of them. While getting

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Merry @#$% Christmas: An Advent reflection »

I’ve had a phrase in my mind a lot, lately, and not very many contexts in which I can openly share it. So, I’m sharing it with the Internet.   And it is this: “Merry freaking Christmas.”

Perhaps you have your own version of this sentiment, with milder or coarser language depending on the context.   Really, as

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Devotions anyone? »

On most mornings I am awake at 4:30 a.m. I offer prayers of thanksgiving, text my prayer-partner, and then, reach for my Bible for devotions. A few days ago as I was texting I realized how much things have changed in the way I engage in devotional

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For racial justice advocates of faith »

I didn’t expect an indictment of Eric Garner’s murderer, and still the announcement of the grand jury’s failure to indict tore something away deep inside of me. I bleed. I know some of you bleed with me.

I was so enraged! As an anti-racist core trainer of more than two decades, I was assaulted by the

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Advent and Christmas “reruns” »

If we can watch “Rudolph” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” year after year, then we can offer up some “reruns” of our own. Here are 10 blog posts on Advent and Christmas themes from years past. May they be a blessing to you, and may

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Fair trade benefits everyone »

Women of the ELCA through all of its expressions has a long history of supporting Fair Trade efforts, and today that will be brought to life again as the churchwide staff hosts a fair trade fair. Now in its sixth year, the fair trade fair introduces workers in the O’Hare Plaza (four interconnected buildings, one

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To rest in God’s embrace »

Fear. The word is on many lips these days. Fear of terrorist attacks. Fear of lost jobs and a failing economy. Fear of illness and death. Fear wrought of racism. In the shadows of the lengthening days of December, fear can overwhelm us. Panic can set

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