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Gray is the new blonde!? »

When (in the 1950s) and where (in small Midwest town) I grew up, blonde hair was all the rage. Images of young, lithe, and blonde models were everywhere in all of the teen magazines and those images sent one clear message: If you don’t look like this you are a LOSER! Being a little

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Safe havens »

Lately, I’ve been surrounded by docks on various Southwest Florida ponds, rivers, passes, and the Gulf of Mexico. The docks have caused me to think back to my father’s cherished Chris-Craft and the small “lagoon,” actually an inlet off Lake Erie, where it and a dozen or so small craft docked.

I thought about the

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The gift of faith and fashion »

My grandmother Margaret gave me her two vintage Hermes scarves before she passed. She owned many lovely things that she worked hard for, but her scarves were one of the few things that she wore regularly toward the end of her life.

When she gave them to me, I really didn’t know what I would do

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Mentors and sheroes »

During Women’s History Month, I often think of the sheroes who have influenced my life. My mom Dorothy and my aunt Louise are two of my favorite women who continue to nurture me.

I did not grow up with a sister, so I admired their stories and laughed as sisters Dorothy and Louise shared tales

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Rubbish, redemption, restoration »

“From Rubbish to Resurrection” is the Lenten theme at my church, Cross of Hope Lutheran Church, Ramsey, Minn. The “centerpiece” of this theme is a broken-down bicycle we call Hope Faith Young.

The church found Hope at a bicycle-repair shop that repairs, then donates bikes to people in need. She is being restored at

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Staying serene »

The winter of 2015 has been treacherous with record-breaking temperatures and snowstorms in areas that rarely get snow. The inclement weather has caused cities to shut down, airlines to cancel or delay flights and countless weather-related traffic accidents.

When unforeseen events occur, such as the blizzard that struck the East Coast (several times this year),

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Diving deeper into Lent »

Lent, to me, is an opportunity to swim a little further, splash a little higher, dive a little deeper into the waters of baptism that washed me up on the shore at Jesus’ feet so many years ago.

The ancients have given us a classic triad of Lenten practices—prayer, fasting, almsgiving—and I find them useful

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5 Lessons I learned from Dr. Seuss »

Today is the day Dr. Seuss was born.
Let’s all tip our hats and blow our horns!
Theodor Seuss Geisel was his name at birth.
And, he left many lessons for us here on earth!
Hip, hip hooray for our Lutheran friend,
life lessons to learn so let us begin!
—by Valora K Starr

I love Dr. Seuss, and I

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