Voting members of the Eleventh Triennial Convention will elect four officers and 17 board members to the churchwide executive board, for the 2020-2023 triennium. The president and vice president are elected by ecclesiastical ballot, and thus no nominations are received at this time. Complete the form below to nominate someone for secretary, treasurer or board member. Additional information about serving on the churchwide executive board and the election process can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section that follows.


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Stewardship Development Policy

Women of the ELCA subscribes to the Policy Against Electioneering shown below. Please be aware that this policy not only prohibits promoting one candidate over another in person, but also by email, telephone and on social media including Facebook, Twitter and any other platform. Nominees should also refrain from any activity contrary to this policy.

Policy Against Electioneering
There are a variety of gifts, but the same Spirit AND
There are a variety of services, but the same Lord AND
There are a variety of activities, but the same God who activates them in everyone.

Women of the ELCA affirms and believes all women should have equal opportunity for involvement and leadership in the organization.

Women of the ELCA further believes that the Spirit that binds us all through baptism is the guiding factor for each voting member to prayerfully review and consider each nominee’s biographical information prior to conventions of the SWOs and the triennial convention of the CWO.

Each participant further understands that promoting one candidate over another through campaigning is in fact interfering with God’s plan and actions for participants of Women of the ELCA.

Adopted by the Churchwide Executive Board, October 2016.