Faithful Friends

Do you know someone who gives regularly to Women of the ELCA, rain or shine, no matter what? Someone who’s a faithful friend and steadfast supporter of the organization we all love? What does the Bible say about people like that?

“Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter;
whoever finds one has found a treasure.

Faithful friends are beyond price;
no amount can balance their worth.

Faithful friends are life-saving medicine;
and those who fear the Lord will find them.

(Ecclesiasticus 6:14-16)

Sturdy shelter. Beyond price. Life-saving medicine. Yes, we thought, those phrases certainly describe the many steadfast supporters of Women of the ELCA. So that’s what we’ve named our new giving program: “Faithful Friends.”

“Faithful Friends” is an easy way for you (or your congregational unit or your synodical organization) to give monthly to Women of the ELCA by automatic withdrawal from your checking account or by automatic charge to your credit card.

The “Faithful Friends” program supports the Women of the ELCA General Fund, which makes it possible for your churchwide organization to act quickly and flexibly in response to any need that may arise.

The prophet Isaiah tells us that God says, “I am about to do a new thing” (43:19a). And “Faithful Friends” is one way you can help Women of the ELCA be ready for whatever new thing God has in store.