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Tenth Triennial Convention

The Tenth Triennial Convention of Women of the ELCA will be held July 11-13, 2017, in Minneapolis, Minn. The triennial convention is the highest legislative authority within the organization.

 Read and study the actions taken at the Ninth Triennial Convention in 2014.



  Visitors to the triennial convention  

Visitors are welcome at the Tenth Triennial Convention, and a special visitors seating area will be available. No advance registration is needed in order to attend the convention. Name tags for visitors will be available outside the convention hall.



  Worship at the triennial convention  

The convention opens with a Service of Holy Communion, with the Rev. Jodi Houge, of Humble Walk Lutheran (St. Paul, Minn.) preaching and the Rev. Brenda Smith, of the ELCA churchwide staff, presiding. The offering collected at this service will be divided equally between the PV for Phebe project and the ongoing ministries of Women of the ELCA. The convention closes with a prayer service that includes installation of the newly-elected officers and board members; the Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, presiding bishop, will lead that service.




Voting members (formerly referred to as "delegates") will conduct the business of the organization, including adopting a budget for fiscal year 2018, electing churchwide officers and board members and acting upon any memorials sent from synodical women's organizations and new business from the floor. More.




Voting members of the Tenth Triennial Convention will elect four officers and 17 women to serve on the churchwide executive board for the 2017-2020 triennium. The president and vice president are elected at the convention by nominating ballot, and no advance nominations are needed for these two positions. More.


Voting members


Among the benefits of participating in Women of the ELCA is the opportunity to have a voice in determining the activities and direction of the organization. Where we go and what we do as a churchwide organization will be shaped, in part, by the voting members of the Tenth Triennial Convention. Women serving as voting members (formerly referred to as "delegates") will find information here about their responsibilities. More.



    Volunteers are needed for several aspects of the triennial convention: worship, hospitality, general administrative work, pages. If you don't see a specific task listed (like set up, distributing material to voting members or assisting on the convention floor), fill it in under the "other" category. Volunteers with computer skills or language skills are in demand. Interested in volunteering?