Taking noodles seriously


Making noodles is a long and tedious project that might leave many asking, what’s the point? The women of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Delphos, Ohio proudly engage in this ministry that was started over 25 years ago.


Sharon Reel, congregational president, said “we have been making noodles for as long as I can remember.” Making and selling the noodles is a six-week project. Girls and women of all ages participate, and the entire congregation learns more about Women of the ELCA through this ministry.

Selling the noodles is the easy part. Engaging women and girls of every age to join in is quite an accomplishment that requires a great deal of patience and support. The women and girls are divided into five groups and the noodle making begins. Each group has a specific assignment before the noodle ingredients are mixed, rolled, formed and ready to be sold. They make both thin and wide noodles.

Noodles are just one way that the women of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church engage and mobilize women of all ages to live out the mission and purpose of Women of the ELCA. They lift up ministries like Gather Bible Study and the anti-racism work of Today’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality (TDTR), a network of racial justice advocates trained by Women of the ELCA. Last year, St. Peter’s hosted a TDTR racial justice retreat. Proceeds from the noodle sale went to support this event. Noodle proceeds also fund other congregational projects, including a summer breakfast for children, and supplies for a prayer breakfast.

Stewardship is important to Women of the ELCA at St. Peter’s. In early spring and fall, the participants come together to plan how they will use their offerings to help their community grow in faith and promote healing and wholeness in the church, the society and the world. They also host an annual Thankoffering service, where they collect Thankofferings to support the churchwide ministries of Women of the ELCA.

The women at St. Peter’s have firsthand experience of the joy of giving. They understand that we can do more together than we could ever do alone. The Rev. Angela Khabab, pastor at St. Peter’s, is amazed at how far the sales of 107.5 pounds of noodles can go in supporting the church and how women are connected and supported through resources as they live out their mission and purpose as a community of women.

This story was written by Eva James Yeo for the May issue of Interchange. Eva is director for membership at Women of the ELCA.


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