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Five tips for holding a Café pop-up event

by Elizabeth McBride

Cafe pop upPop-up events are popping up all around you— whether they are pop-up bars, pop-up restaurants or pop-up museums dedicated to ice cream!

Café pop-up events are opportunities for younger women of faith to connect with each other. The events center on issues addressed in Café (boldcafe.org), Women of the ELCA’s on-line magazine written for and by younger women. Each month, Café posts topical issues and faith reflections.

Are there younger women in your church seeking conversations about faith? The Café pop-up might be one way you can help.

Host a Café pop-up at your church or another location near you

1. Select a space that is easy to get to. If you live in an urban area, find a church near public transportation. If you live in the suburbs or in a rural area, choose a well-known location with plenty of parking.

2. Promote your event. Personal invitations are always the best, but you can also use Facebook events, other social media, your congregation’s website or bulletin.

3. Offer light snacks: food, sandwiches, desserts. You could also provide wine or champagne.

4. Invite storytellers or someone willing to lead the discussion about the current issue of Café. Invite others to share their stories about the topic as they are willing.

5. Or invite representatives from local non-profit organizations to speak. Choose causes that are important in your community or to your congregation.

As women, we are always looking to create community. The Café pop-up is a way to invite women to experience what Women of the ELCA offers, while also strengthening their spiritual journey.

If you hold a Café pop-up event, please let us know! We’d love to hear about your event and promote it on social media. Learn more about Café pop-up events at boldcafe.org under the events tab.

Elizabeth McBride (Elizabeth.mcbride@elca.org) is the editor of Café and director for intergenerational programs. See more photos from Cafe's most recent pop-up events.


Photo: Adrienne Chorn listens to Sarah Carson at the July 7 Cafe pop-up event at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Chicago.