Saving to give

Saving to give

Patti raised her hand. "I save," she explained. "I put aside money each month until I have enough to make the larger donation later in the year.”


At its bi-annual meeting in October, the executive board of Women of the ELCA set aside 60 minutes for stewardship education. Board members were asked to reflect on how they make decisions about giving to Women of the ELCA and how they put those decisions into action. This was the question that prompted Patti Austin, a board member, to raise her hand and talk about savings.

“That question was serendipitous,” she said later. "I had been saving for Katie’s Fund for months, and had just written out the check days before the board meeting.” In fact, Patti was carrying the $500 check with her when she came to Chicago. She had started saving the previous January, inspired by Women of the ELCA’s goal to grow Katie’s Fund to $1 million by July 2014.

For Patti and her husband, this way of giving-through-saving is one part of their stewardship strategy. They also give up front by tithing their income each month to their congregation and other ministries. Savings comes in when they want to give above and beyond their regular tithe. When Women of the ELCA announced the $1 million goal for Katie’s Fund, Patti knew that she could give more if she saved. “I made Katie’s Fund a priority," she said.

Before the board meeting ended, Patti delivered the donation for which she had prayerfully saved for ten months. Now, those dollars are helping grow Katie’s Fund and will support bold ministry for years to come.

Question for reflection: Patti began saving for Katie’s Fund around the beginning of the year. Is there a special offering you’d like to make in 2014? How can savings help you reach that goal?



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