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Resources for your Lenten journey

Resources for your Lenten journey

Sister Joan Chittister has said that "souls die from lack of reflection." Lent is a good time for 40 days of reflection, 40 days of spiritual evaluation--an annual check-up, as it were. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 10 this year, and Women of the ELCA offers two free resources you can use in your 40 days of reflection.

Lent: Penitence, Pilgrimage, Preparation engages your imagination as you explore Lenten practices and our Christian history. Intended for use by a group, this resource also includes Lenten practices, some of which can be taken up immediately and others that call for additional preparation.

Looking into the MIrror: A Lenten Reflection focuses on looking into a metaphorical mirror, the kind we hold up to our souls. Use this resource as an aid in refocusing your faith life and realign your relationship with God. The discussion questions work best in small groups, though this resource can also be used independently. This resource is also available in Spanish.

Since journaling can open up pathways to new thoughts, new insights and new energy, some turn to our resource Journaling during Lent. If you're intrigued by the idea of journaling but need some guidance on how to get started, this resource will show you the many benefits of regular journaling and set you on your way. It is also available in Spanish.

You can use knitting as a spiritual discipline to ready yourself for glimpses of the Divine during your Lenten journey. Check out Knitting as a spiritual practice. New insights ... plus a new scarf may be yours this Lent.

The glorious 50 days of Easter will soon be upon us. There's no better time than the season of Easter in which to reflect on resurrection themes. What does resurrection mean for you personally? What does resurrection mean for your community? What does global resurrection look like? Use Resurrection: A Holy Discipline to explore these questions and more. This three-part resource, available as a free downloadable PDF, provides discussion questions and journaling exercises.