Resourceful Stewardship

ELCA Resource Centers are like libraries for the church. They loan books, movies, Sunday School curriculum, resources for confirmation class and small group ministry, and so much more.  There are approximately 54 resource centers located throughout the country.

 Photo by Emma Crossen  

Women of the ELCA was pleased to partner with the resource centers, in May 2014, through our most recent Katie’s Fund initiative. The churchwide women’s organization sent copies of two documentaries, I BELIEVE YOU and Harvest of Empire, to ELCA resource centers*. Now, these important films are available throughout the church for congregations and Women of the ELCA groups to use in ministry. The films were also shown at the Ninth Triennial Gathering in July.

ELCA resource centers are important centers of stewardship. They collect resources, take care of those resources, and make them available to congregations. In their care, one copy of one book can reach hundreds of readers. A single DVD can reach multiple congregations. When you borrow a resource, you are help continue this cycle of stewardship. You care for that gift while it’s in your possession, using it to educate and inspire, and you return it to the resource center so it is available for the next user.

As stewards of Katie’s Fund, Women of the ELCA used Katie’s Fund dollars to purchase films. As stewards of the DVDs, resource center staff now make the films available for others. Upon receiving the DVD in May, Bonnie Weber reminded us that all these acts of stewardship are rooted in gratitude. She wrote:

“As assistant director of the NW Synod of WI Resource Center, located in Eau Claire, I just received the 2 DVD's in the mail. I…am thrilled with this addition to our Center. Thank you, churchwide women, for the thoughtfulness of sharing these timely, touching and soul-searching videos. I will advertise them in our synod, especially at the Assembly coming on June 7 & 8.”

Do you know what ELCA resource center is closest to you? (Contact your synod office to find out.) How are you acting as a steward of its gifts?

*The DVDs were sent to these resource centers in May 2014.

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