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Called to...series

The Called to ... series

This series of eight programs for groups, each designed to take about 60-90 minutes, offers a wide variety of opportunities to explore together what God is calling you to be and to do.

  • Called to a Global Perspective: Passport to Your Heart helps women to see themselves as a part of a global community in which all can play leadership roles.
  • Called to Be Global Sisters: Seeing Each Other with New Eyes increases our understanding of women from other cultures. A one-hour program that includes role plays and probing discussion questions.
  • Called to Be Political: But I Don't Want to Be Political! offers a fascinating glimpse into the teachings of Martin Luther on the role of Christians in politics and explores how those teachings still speak to us. A two-hour program.
  • Called to Be Women in Mission: Exploring New Opportunities provides a biblical foundation for understanding God's call to be women in mission — in our homes, congregations, communities, and world.
  • Called to Deal with Difficult Issues: A Challenging Ministry presents a process for thinking theologically as we face difficult issues in our daily lives.
  • Called to Ethical Decision Making: No Easy Answers, a two-hour workshop, explores the Lutheran ethical approach and the complexities involved in ethical decision making, and offers participants practical experience in ethical deliberation.
  • Called to Love as God Loves — Unconditionally! is a three-session resource that focuses on God's call to love ourselves, to love our neighbors, and to support one another.
  • Called to Obey God: It's Not Easy Being Jonah probes the book of Jonah for help in learning how to discern our role in carrying out God's vision for the whole of creation.