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Presidents to gather next month

Presidents to gather next month

 Churchwide president Jenny Michael (l.)
greets synodical presidents at the 2012

Our constitutions call for an annual meeting of the presidents of our 64 synodical women’s organization. The event, known as the Conference of Presidents, will take place February 21–24, 2013, in Chicago at The Lutheran Center. In honor of the 25th anniversary, the theme of the conference will be “Celebrate!” and scripture for the event is taken from I Thessalonians 5:16–18.

Invited guests for the weekend include: the Rev. Mark Hansen, the ELCA’s Presiding Bishop; the Rev. Wyvetta Bullock, Assistant to the Presiding Bishop and Executive for Administration; the Rev. Megan Jones, worship leader and chaplain for the event; and Ms. Jessica Nipp, Campaign Coordinator, ELCA Malaria Campaign.

The weekend has plenty to offer our presidents. Whether they are new to the position or transitioning into another role in the organization, they will be able to take a new learning back home to share with their synodical boards and congregational units.

As an in-kind gift offering, presidents will be bringing gift cards of any denomination (Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Visa) in support of one of the Chicagoland grant applicants. Congregational units are encouraged to donate gift cards to send along with their synodical presidents.

The Churchwide Constitution of Women of the ELCA, in Article XV, Section 2, Items 1–4, sets out the goals of the annual Conference of Synodical Presidents:

  1. To provide and receive information related to emphases, priorities and projected programs of Women of the ELCA.
  2. To make recommendations to the executive board.
  3. To develop leadership skills.
  4. To foster community and renewal.

Your president will return from the annual conference filled with ideas, projects and inspiration for the coming year. Invite her to your congregational unit so she can share those ideas, projects and inspirations directly with you.