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Triennial gathering promoters selected

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Women of the ELCA has selected 15 women to serve as triennial gathering promoter (TGPs) for its July 13-16, 2017, event in Minneapolis. Training will take place in Minneapolis Nov. 6-8, and the women will be ready to serve in 2016.

Requirements included having attended at least one gathering and being an active participant in a congregational unit of Women of the ELCA. As part of the interview process, the women submitted a 2-minute video that included a story about why they love Women of the ELCA and why they would make a good promoter.

Candidates are expected to be comfortable speaking in public, enthusiastic about travel and have hands on knowledge of social media.

TGPs will operate on assignment as they are available and willing. To make arrangements for a TGP to visit your convention or large gathering, please call or email Terri Lackey at 800-638-3522, ext. 2732.

“All Anew” is the theme for Women of the ELCA’s Tenth Triennial Gathering. Information about speakers and workshops can be found at welcatg.org when they become available. Registration begins in September 2016.

The 2017 TGPs and their home synodical women's organizations are:

  1. Elizabeth Burgess, 7B, New England                                       
  2. Elizabeth Gaskins, 6C, Indiana-Kentucky                                
  3. Donna Greifzu, 8D,  Lower Susquehanna                                
  4. Maria Lokensgard, 3F, Southwestern Minnesota                                
  5. Beth Meyer, 4A, Nebraska                                         
  6. Joy Michalicek, 3E, Northeastern Minnesota                                       
  7. Jessica Miller, 3B, Eastern North Dakota                               
  8. Jean Minkin, 9D, Southeastern                                  
  9. Karen Olson, 3A, Western North Dakota                               
  10. Kandy Pflaster, 4A, Nebraska                                   
  11. Karen Ronchetti, 2C, Pacifica                                    
  12. Rissee Snelgrove, 4F, Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast                               
  13. Diane Spicer, 9E, Florida-Bahamas                                          
  14. Randi Ven Huizen, 2D, Grand Canyon                                     
  15. Camille L. Trott, 9D, Southeastern