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Observe Human Trafficking Awareness Day January 11

Observe Human Trafficking Awareness Day January 11

Photo used courtesy of Flickr, artethgray, http://www.flickr.com/photos/36397453@N00/2947001508/, used with permission.Next Friday, January 11, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. There are many ways you can observe this day, individually or with others: prayers, study, education, advocacy, discussion and worship, to name a few.

Delegates to the EighthTriennial Convention of Women of the ELCA (July 2011) declared war against those who profit from human trafficking and resolved that we support programs that educate women and children to avoid the dangers of sexual predators or dealers in pornography and human trafficking. The memorial also provided that each Women of the ELCA unit be encouraged to provide at least one program per year on the unhealthy sexualization of girls and boys through media and popular culture

To plan your program, check out the resources offered by the ELCA Justice for Women program. Additional resources are available from our Presbyterian partners and our sisters in United Methodist Women. All these web pages include links to many additional resources.

A call for a weekend of prayer to end slavery and trafficking has been issued. Organizers are seeking one million people to pray during January 11-13 for an end to slavery and trafficking.