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Nominations are open for 2017 TG promoters

Nominations are open for 2017 triennial gathering promoters

Women of the ELCA is seeking a few women who are passionate about the work of our organizTG promotersation to become triennial gathering promoters (TGPs) for our 2017 event. Work would begin in 2016 for the Tenth Triennial Gathering, July 13-16, 2017, in Minneapolis, Minn.

Requirements include having attended at least one gathering (preferably in 2014) and being an active participant in a unit. Candidates should also be comfortable speaking in public, enthusiastic about travel, have hands-on knowledge of social media and be able to tell a story about why they love Women of the ELCA. Experience with marketing is a bonus.

Candidates must also be computer literate and reachable by email on a daily basis. Any woman considered will be asked to submit a two-minute video about why she would like the opportunity to promote the next triennial gathering.

This volunteer job comes with no pay, but plenty of perks.

And while the name “triennial gathering promoter” is the same as used in the past, the plan is different. A small group of TGPs—perhaps 9 to 15—will serve the whole organization. Individual synodical women’s organizations will not have their own appointed TGP.

Submit your own name or someone you know to women.elca@elca.org with TGP in the subject line. Include name, address, email address, phone number, church membership of the candidate, and any other information that could be useful.

The deadline for receiving nominations is July 31.