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Let's Go to Liberia

Celebrate our 25th anniversary in Liberia

Women of St. Luke Lutheran parish in Liberia

Recognizing a major milestone such as an anniversary often times calls us to reflect, give thanks and celebrate in a big way. Many mark the event with travel to not only celebrate but also to give a new and fresh look at the possibilities for the future.

We will mark the 25th anniversary of our organization (June 2012-2013) with the Women of the ELCA Liberia Tour. Some of the organization’s oldest relationships exist with the women of Liberia. The National Lutheran Church Women Fellowship of Liberia (the women’s organization of the Lutheran Church in Liberia) has often invited us to visit,just as members of their organization have visited with us. It will be an exciting time and place to reflect on our global relationships and possibilities for the future of both organizations.

The tour is scheduled for November 29 (travel day) through December 8 (return day), 2012. The eight days will be filled with accompanying Lutheran women in their ministries as well as women in society. Members of the National Lutheran Church Women Fellowship of Liberia have never been afraid of working for change, and we will learn firsthand from their stories of war how to combat the everyday violence we live with here in the United States.

We will explore the leadership of women in both the ELCA and the Lutheran Church in Liberia. We will talk about the future of women and girls in the church, society and the world. We will engage in accompaniment when we visit both the Phebe Hospital Nursing chool and Curran Hospital, a ministry of the Lutheran Church in Liberia where the students are practicing in the church’s effort at rebuilding its extensive health care program. Both the ELCA and Women of the ELCA support this work. American Lutheran women have been supporting these and other education and health ministries in Liberia since 1916.

The tour is open to all women wishing to help the organization celebrate its 25 years of faithful service who are also looking forward to being involved in the future of Women of the ELCA. We have heard from mothers and daughters excited about traveling together, health care workers seeking a global experience, elected leaders of Women of the ELCA and women who have supported and prayed for the organization over the years who are looking to see the action up close. If you are interested in making the journey call us at 800-638-3522, ext. 2741 or e-mail Valora Starr for more information and to receive tour updates.