Resources for use over several sessions

Some leaders like to plan ahead. We have several resources for free download that you can work through over a few weeks. Or, if you like to stretch it out, a few months. We list those multi-session "Whew-now-I-know-what-we're-going-to-study" resources here. Most will offer you a way to get into God's Word for at least two sessions, and some, like the Called to...series give you several weeks (or months) of study.

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Listening to God


This resource was written for Women of the ELCA by Debra Farrington, a popular author and motivational speaker. It consists of six flexible hour-long sessions exploring what it means for an individual to discern God's hopes and desires for her life and what it means for a group to discern what their God-given gifts are for ministry. Ideal for a small group in either a retreat or workshop setting.

Celebrating Bold Women's Day

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Celebrating Bold Women’s Day is full of ideas to make your celebration special. Whether you're planning one event, many events or even just want to observe Bold Women's Day individually, this resource is a handy planning guide.

Lent: Penitence, Pilgrimage, Preparation

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Our resource engages your imagination as you explore Lenten practices and our Christian history. Intended for use by a group, this resource also includes Lenten practices, some of which can be taken up immediately and others that call for additional preparation.

Called to...series »

This series of eight programs for groups, each designed to take about 60-90 minutes, offers a wide variety of opportunities to explore together what God is calling you to be and to do.


A Different Kind of Journey: Advent as a Walk, Not a Sprint


A Different Kind of Journey offers several practices to explore, each helping you discover what is waiting to be born in you in the upcoming Advent season. Whichever of the practices you adopt, you are invited to follow Mary's example and ponder things in your heart as we await the coming of Jesus.

Living Hope: Funeral Hymns & Scripture

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Have you thought about hymns or Bible readings for your funeral? Or the funeral of a loved one? Living Hope: Funeral Hymns and Scripture guides your exploration of hymns and Bible readings, drawing on the experiences of women and worship planners. Living Hope offers a great 90 minute program, but it can easily be expanded into two sessions or even a three-hour mini-retreat.

Resurrection: A Holy Discipline

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In Luke 20:36, we are called “children of the resurrection.” What does this mean? Is it a reference to a future event, the resurrection of our spiritual selves? Or might it have implications for our lives and the lives of others here and now? Consider how resurrection might appear in our everyday lives here and now with this multi-session program.

Stitches & Scripture

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This 4-session Bible study takes seven weeks and pairs seasoned knitting mentors with beginners. Novice knitters will learn several basic knitting techniques as the group makes scarves and dishcloths, perhaps to donate to others. Everyone will learn a bit about how knitting is frequently used in Scripture as a metaphor to describe God’s creative and intimate relationship with us.

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