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Raise your voice through memorials, resolutions

Voting membersLocal and global issues come before a triennial convention for study, discussion, debate and action. Issues are presented in two ways: 1) in advance, through actions of a synodical convention in “memorials” and 2) on site during the convention, through actions of voting members in “resolutions.”

Memorials and resolutions can direct future actions of all expressions of our organization.

As we prepare for the Tenth Triennial Convention (2017), what will be the issues we’ll debate? As you gather in synodical conventions this year, what are the issues that you will bring forward in memorials?

Where is the Holy Spirit calling you and the women of your synodical organization to witness here and now in the 21st century? And those of you elected as voting members to the Tenth Triennial Convention (2017), what resolutions will you present on the floor of the convention?

There’s a standard format used with memorials and resolutions. You begin with a series of statements that describe the issue. Each thought on the issue begins with “whereas . . .” It’s an organized way to introduce the issue to the voting members. After the issue has been described in sufficient detail, a series of statements follow, each beginning with “be it resolved . . .”

These statements set out the actions being requested.


Example Memorial

Here’s a memorial that came before the Ninth Triennial Convention (2014). It can serve as an example for you.

WHEREAS, human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings, through abduction, the use or threat of force, deception, fraud, or "sale" for the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced labor.

WHEREAS, human trafficking is a growing problem and each year it is estimated that two million people are trafficked worldwide, 27 million people are enslaved around the world and it is a $9 billion business.

WHEREAS, the number of trafficking victims in the United States is largely unknown, hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizen minors are estimated to be at risk of commercial sexual exploitation. Therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that each synodical board convene a committee, in which at least one but no more than half of committee members shall be board members. This committee shall be charged with reviewing resources and helping the synodical organization to promote resources that can help units to inform, educate, and mobilize their congregations and communities, through prayer, ministry and political action;

RESOLVED, that units use this committee and the resources they recommend to inform, educate and mobilize their congregations and communities, through prayer, ministry and political action; and be it further

RESOLVED, that each synodical president report to the 2016 Conference of Presidents about how the recommended committee has functioned in her synodical women’s organization.

Is the Holy Spirit calling you to address any issues today?