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Six ways to connect with college students

Six ways to connect with women in college

by Elizabeth McBride      

Clemson gals

It was 7 p.m. in Chicago and snowing when I “met” with six members of the Clemson University (S.C.) women’s Bible study group at their local coffee shop. Even though I would have enjoyed their 72 degree weather, we met virtually via FaceTime. I had asked them to help me plan upcoming Café issues.

These women—from first-year students to near graduates—meet every week to pray together and to read and discuss Café articles.

They said they would like to see more articles about balance, and that they appreciated topics on doubt and uncertainty. Our virtual get-together reminded me how important it is to meet as a community of women.

They told me about “their other moms”—women from University Lutheran Church who connect with them regularly. The women support them emotionally and occasionally with food. The students called the women “college student friendly”—which I suppose means they offer emotional and spiritual support with no questions asked.

I asked the students how local Women of the ELCA groups could work with college-aged groups, and in unison the six shouted: “Food!”

So there you have it. Six ways to connect with college students: Food! Food! Food! Food! Food! Food! What ways do you share with younger women in your community?

Elizabeth McBride (Elizabeth.Mcbride@elca.org) is director for intergenerational programming for Women of the ELCA and editor of Café.