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Giving regularly, rain or shine

Giving regularly, rain or shine

by Audrey Novak Riley

Give regularly

How many of you make an offering at church every Sunday, rain or shine? How many of you make that faithful, regular gift electronically? I know that many people have their bank accounts set up to make those gifts automatically.

Did you know that you can have your bank send your gifts to Women of the ELCA the same way? That’s how Nancy Giddings gives. Nancy, a member of the churchwide board of Women of the ELCA, recently made arrangements with her bank, and now, every month, like clockwork, the bank sends her gift to Women of the ELCA.

What made Nancy decide to do that?

“A couple of months ago,” she wrote, “I got a letter from [another organization] asking for a monthly donation. . . . After much prayer and consideration, I decided that I could handle a small monthly amount. However, one thing bothered me. If I were giving to [that organization] on a monthly basis, I should do the same for Women of the ELCA. . . . Long story short, I have set up a monthly payment amount for Women of the ELCA. . . . It's not a large sum of money, but it comes because I feel it's important that I do this.”

Nancy’s right. It is important. What she calls a “small monthly amount” really makes a big difference for the ministry she loves.

You can do the same thing Nancy did—most large banks and credit unions make it easy for you to set up automatic payment plans, withdrawing the amount you choose from your checking or savings account each month and forwarding it to Women of the ELCA.

Your unit or synodical women’s organization can do that, too! Talk it over at your next meeting and see what the group thinks. Even the smallest regular monthly gift will make a big difference—not least because it’s a regular, repeated, tangible sign of your dedication to the ministry we all love.

Audrey Novak Riley (Audrey.Riley@elca.org) is director for stewardship for Women of the ELCA.