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Do you know about your SWO?

by Audrey Novak Riley

Web pageEvery so often I get a phone call from a congregational leader who wants to know how to do this or that or something else, and I always ask her if she’s in touch with the leaders of her Synodical Women’s Organization. And almost every time, she’s surprised to learn that such a thing exists.

Synodical Women’s Organizations are a great resource for every unit. Your SWO leaders know about exciting
program ideas and resources you can use, and they’re eager to share them with you. They can help your unit treasurers navigate all the details of that role, and they’re ready to share what they know. And they can connect you with sisters throughout your area—to help all of us be more effective leaders and more loving disciples of Jesus Christ.

So who are your Synodical Women’s Organization leaders and where do you find them? Well, they’re all
volunteers, just like you, elected at your annual or biennial SWO convention.

They’re not part of the synod staff, so if you call your synod office, the people might not know who you mean. Your SWO leaders will have their names, phone numbers and email addresses listed on your SWO’s website and in your SWO’s newsletter.

You can also find out who they are by searching for “SWO” on welca.org, emailing women@elca.org or calling
800-328-3522, ext. 2730. Please tell us the name of your congregation and its city and state, and we’ll look up your SWO leadership for you.

Audrey Novak Riley (audrey.riley@elca.org) is director for stewardship for Women of the ELCA. If your SWO website information is incorrect, please send Audrey an updated link.