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All God's People

All God's People

by Sandra D’Amico

I never imagined I’d hear God’s call while eating a sandwich at a Sunday school luncheon. Well, it was the day of the annual Christmas pageant and the time of year when Mary said, “Who, me?...OK, let it be done.” Still, it surprised me, when during ordinary small talk, the Holy Spirit suddenly showed up.

I happened to ask two grandparents: “I see your family [attending worship] many Sundays, but you are never all here at the same time. Why is that?”

“Conrad,” they replied. “Our grandson, Conrad, has autism. Someone has to stay home with him. He cannot be left alone for a minute. He cannot come to church, because he cannot sit still and he shouts. So we alternate who comes to worship on Sunday.”

In that moment, the Holy Spirit flung open a door.

Sandra  Demmler  D’Amico  is a  pastor  at Immanuel  Lutheran Church, Attleboro, Mass.

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