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(Un)predictable Paths

Unpredictable Paths by Sonia Solomonson

I’ll always remember his words of wisdom. I’ve thought of them many times since that day—and I’ve shared them with others who have been surprised and perhaps angry, at unpredictable twists in their life’s path.

After 20 years of marriage, I was newly divorced. Life wasn’t what I had hoped for and I was angry with God. After all, I had tried so hard to be a good wife, good mother, good pastor’s spouse, good this and good that. No, scratch that. Good isn’t the correct adjective. I’m a recovering perfectionist, so I need to be honest about this. I had tried to be the perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect pastor’s spouse, perfect everything. So what went wrong? Why did God let my life, which I thought had started out so well, turn out so badly?

When I shared my anger, my tears and also my guilt about that anger with my boss at the time, Herb David, executive director of the Office of Communication and Mission Support at the American Lutheran Church, he told me, “God can handle your anger. It’s all right. God’s shoulders are large. And you should realize that your anger at God is really a creedal statement. You wouldn’t be angry with God if God didn’t play an important part in your life.”

I needed to hear those words then. My post-divorce days were filled with a good deal of unpredictability, anger, guilt and fear. But I learned that even in the messiness of life, when the situation is at its unpre­dictable worst, God is there holding us together, even when we’re angry with God for the way life is turning out. I also learned that one of God’s beautiful gifts to us includes the family and friends God puts into our lives—others who hold us together, too. Those people are God with skin.

Sonia Solomonson is a life coach with Way2Grow Coaching and posts daily blogs on www.way2growcoaching.com where you can also sign up for her monthly e-zine.

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