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Four steps to becoming an active unit

Start a UnitAre you interested in starting or reorganizing an active congregational unit or know a group that is? If the answer is yes, and you believe in the mission and purpose of the organization, you can become an active Women of the ELCA unit. Begin by asking other women to join you in this organization that is redefining women’s ministry.

Your unit must take four steps to be recognized as a fully participating active unit.

—Meet together for study, support and mission. Get started by using Café and Gather. Café is a web-based magazine for young adult women who want to build community, participate in advocacy, and strengthen their faith. Gather is the official magazine for the organization and offers faith-in-life articles and Bible study.
—Participate in the ministry of Women of the ELCA beyond your congregation. For example, attend a synodical women’s convention in your region or a triennial convention and gathering.
—Support financially the total program of Women of the ELCA. We offer you ways to give boldly. Your unit’s offerings support resources and ministries that educate, inspire and mobilize women around the world.
—Designate leadership to communicate with synodical and churchwide women’s organization.  When you become an active unit, you are an important part of the organization, and we want you to stay connected with your synodical and churchwide organization. Designating leadership is the easiest way to do that.

Types of units

If you feel you don’t have enough women at your church to start a unit, consider an intercongregational unit made up of two or more congregations. You can also start a special unit, which is formed outside congregations. Examples include college campuses, retirement homes, and mission congregations.

Types of groups within units

Congregations can have only one active unit; however a unit can have many groups. Examples include a mom’s group, a book club, a quilting, knitting, yoga or girls’ group. Be creative. Be flexible. Make room for all who want to participate.

Making it official

Once you become an active unit, another step for recognized membership is to simply complete a model constitution and bylaws form and send it to your synodical president. Remember to keep a copy for your files. 

For questions or to find out how to contact your synodical president, send an email to eva.yeo@elca.org or call 773.380.2450.

This article was written by Eva James Yeo, director for membership for Women of the ELCA.