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Linda Post BushkofskyExecutive director delivers report

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Linda Post Bushkofsky, executive director of the Women of the ELCA, looked back at her 12 years on the job when presenting her report to the ninth triennial convention of the Women of the ELCA.  She spoke before 360 delegates attending the convention in Charlotte, N.C., July 22-24.  She recalled when she was first called to the position.

“It seems like only yesterday when we gathered in Philadelphia in 2002, when I was adopted as your executive director,” said Linda Post Bushkofsky. “In my 12 years, many things have changed but how should we measure those 12 years? Do we measure it from a personal and professional standpoint? Since then, I have become a grandmother, Twitter was created and is a vital form of communication, and Facebook became a means of communication instead of just a way to ‘stalk our children.’”

 Bushkofsky said, “There have been many meaningful and life transforming ministries created” at the churchwide organization over the past 12 years. She mentioned the following:

             Café, a Women of the ELCA’s award-winning electronic magazine, that offers a podcast

            • The production of 40 program resources, at least half of which are also  available in Spanish

            • Daily Grace, a smart phone app enjoyed by thousands of people.

“Daily Grace is one of the most accessible ways that folks come to our organization, and you would be surprised of all the uses it has,” said Bushkofsky. “I was talking to two pastors about the app, and within the 30 seconds we talked about it, they had downloaded it.”

 “I wish there were an easy way to track meals served, quilts made, prisoners visited, letters written, shawls knitted, kits assembled, prayers offered, Bible studies conducted,” said Bushkofsky, emphasizing the collective work of the entire organization. “Imagine if we had a way to measure those numbers in the past 12 years.”

 Bushkofsky will continue as executive director for the Women of the ELCA and finished by saying, “It is a singular honor for me to serve in this role, and I'm very happy to move forward for another four years.”

Provided by ELCA News Service