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Eradicating gun violence

Rachel's Day resource designed to eradicate gun violence

Rachel's Day

Chicago’s former Catholic cardinal Francis George once told Valora Starr that he read the 2009 Rachel's Day resource and liked it very much. He said that he wished he could do more to put it in action in Chicago.

Rachel’s Day is a time set aside to mourn the loss of our children and to renounce the forces of violence and fear. It is observed by Women of the ELCA annually on the first Sunday in May, though it can be observed any time of the year. It

Sadly, the cardinal died April 17, but what he couldn’t do, you could by using the new Rachel’s Day 2015 resource, said Valora, director for discipleship for Women of the ELCA. She said the resource was updated because “there is still so much to do.”

Did you know that every 30 minutes a child or teen dies or is injured from a gun? This new Rachel's Day resource offers information on how you can work within your community and congregation to combat gun violence.

“If 100 children are accidently strangled by Venetian blind cords, the government takes action,” she said. “But our children are dying by guns and nothing is happening. If we continue taking no action, then all we can do is weep like Rachel did” (Jeremiah 31:15–17).

We are approaching two decades of observing Rachel’s Day. Much has been accomplished in building awareness about gun violence. At the same time, it is now legal in all 50 states for qualified individuals to carry guns, and more children are exposed to violence than ever before, said Valora, who is author of the new resource.

Consider offering the free, downloadable Rachel’s Day resource at your church or in your community. The 2015 Rachel's Day resource includes a litany for use in a special Rachel's Day service.

 Download Rachel's Day (2015)

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Photo: Zoltán Horlik, used with permission, Creative Commons