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The gift of generations--May 2017

God has blessed us with sisters throughout the generations with whom we can learn, hope and dream.
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The gift of generations »

Tree ringsWhat a blessing it is to have friends of many generations. Sarah Carson


Celebrate abundance »

Women of many generationsSomething special that happens when women of different backgrounds, ages and experiences get together bound by a common faith in Jesus Chris. Elizabeth McBride


Jesus the shepherd »

Painting of Jesus the shepherdHow my son, age 3, sees the gospel. Karen Craigo


Messenger of God's love »

Julian of NorwichJulian of Norwich set herself apart from the world to compose a message of God’s love for the world. Laura Jane Gifford


A geography of hope »

opening in caveHave you ever ended up somewhere with no idea how you got there? Elizabeth Hunter


Mountains with many faces »

Snowy mountain peakNo darkness or doubt can sever our connection to God. Liv Larson Andrews


Sisters and brothers »

illustration of woman and treeSiblings can be both invaluable and infuriating. Angela T. Khabeb


'There are two in there' »

Babies in basketLessons in grace for a mom of twins. Brenda Meier Kimaro

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