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What? Us stressed?

crazy eyes all

Interesting that at a time when my eyes are rolling around in my head, National Public Radio presents a week-long series on stress. NPR’s research found that about 1 in 4 Americans had “a great deal of stress” in the previous month.

To say the least.

You see, Women of the ELCA staff are in the final stages of an almost two-year plan to host a giant inspirational experience (and business meeting). Next week, we will hold our Ninth Triennial Convention and Gathering in Charlotte, N.C.

Imagine crazed bumper car drivers or the Energizer Bunny times 12 (the number on our staff). Or better yet, ants in a colony moving toward a common goal. We might look like we are running in crazy patterns, but we have a shared and higher purpose: to offer over 2,000 Lutheran women an extraordinary, multi-generational worship and educational experience.

When you see us next week, we hope to be smiling. Because we really do enjoy the event and have a great deal of fun meeting other women of faith. The NPR study found that some of us weather stress better than others.  And given the eyeball shapes around here, I believe that is true. However, if, heaven forbid, we act testy when you ask a question, please forgive us. We are wound tight.

I learned from the NPR report last week that “A lot of stress can be very disruptive, but a little bit of stress is kind of like working your muscles, your emotional muscles. And you build them up, and you learn how to cope.”

If you run into one of us, ask if you can feel our muscles. We’ve been exercising them a lot lately.

Terri Lackey is managing editor of Gather magazine.


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Comments (3)
Judy says:
Jul 17, 2014

You dozen women do a great job. All your stress is so worth it, we all love you for what you do for us. Keep healthy and happy doing God’s work with your hands.

Dawn Talley says:
Jul 17, 2014

I am sure that all of your very hard work will be well worth it! Looking forward to attending next week.

Wanda says:
Jul 24, 2014

I pray that all is going well.

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