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Trusting in Lent

In March we look back to the past and anticipate the future. We look forward to the first full day of spring.

March is also a time to remember the sacred season of Lent. During Lent, I remember to slow down and pay attention in the garden. Lent teaches me to make use of all my senses. Lent speaks to me with the quiet, insistent voice of God in the wind.

Lent urges me to notice and appreciate the subtlest of colors, like the many shades of green in the vegetable sprouts as they nod and dance above the soil. Lent teaches me to treasure the sweetness of the first peas from the garden.

It is appropriate that we do our planting on our knees in the dirt, the posture of submission. Kneeling encourages me to pray as I plant. Planting is an exercise in faith. When we sow, we trust that these seeds will take root and grow.

This message is an excerpt from “The wind and the sun,” the Earthwise column by Terry Bowes in the March 2017 issue of Gather magazine. Today we remember Patrick, bishop, missionary to Ireland, who died in 461.

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