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The sound of your faith

What is the sound of your faith? Three qualities of sound emerge from the pages of scripture:  It’s recognizable. It’s distinctive. It moves us.

Recently, I was sitting on the main floor of a large auditorium. A choir sang “O Day Full of Grace” behind me from the balcony. The 70 voices began softly together. Their sound grew and expanded–a powerful song that sent shivers down my spine. Their many voices were like one voice. I could not see the choir but it felt like they were singing together as a single instrument.

Like the distinctive flavor of the sweet wine of communion, like the cool feel of water in the shape of a cross on my forehead, this sound of many voices blended in praise is refreshing, cleansing, filled with joy. Perhaps this is the truest sound of my faith–a sound that I cannot make on my own but only together with the others who make, together with me, what we call the body of Christ.

This message is adapted from “Faith reflections: What is the sound of your faith?” written by Joy McDonald Coltvet that first appeared in the March 2007 issue of Cafe magazine.

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