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Never settle

“Whatever you do, wherever you go, whoever you become, never settle!” Among the words of advice that I’ve received throughout my life, this phrase nears the top in terms of frequency.

Part of me thinks this is solid advice. It’s empowered me to believe in myself and pursue my full potential. It’s motivated me to fill my journey with curiosity, adventure and anticipation. Refusing to settle has also helped me hold onto a vision the future that is not stagnant, but hopeful and capable of transformation.

The Christian faith wouldn’t be faith if it settled for the world as it is. And yet, our story of faith is about a God who comes to settle with us where we are. But, God doesn’t come just to be with us and stay put with us. God comes to show us a way of transformation.

This message is an excerpt of “Settling toward happiness” by Sarah Rohde in the April 2012 issue of Cafe magazine. Please pray for Women of the ELCA’s executive board as they meet in Chicago today. Today we remember Anselm, Bishop of Canterbury, who died in 1109.

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