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Renewing (again and again)

Being made new is never far from my mind or my heart any time of the year. On dark nights in February, it often comes as a prayer: “God…always being made new…please…and thank you.” Being made new isn’t about self-improvement or the typical New Year’s resolution; it is what happens to us at baptism and when we remember our baptisms. It is a celebration of what God has done and is doing to renew (again and again) all that is good in me and the whole of God’s good creation.

In the biblical texts of the season after Epiphany, light shines persistently, constant love is revealed and God’s identity is shown in both new and consistent ways. The love of God, revealed in the embodied Christ, is the source of our renewal, light and joy. It changes us. It makes us who we are and who we are becoming.

This message is adapted from “Family matters: Always being made new” by Anne Edison-Albright in the January/February 2017 issue of GatherPlease pray for our synodical women’s organization presidents who begin their annual meeting in Chicago today.

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