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The Naumannator! Really?

A principal set out to find a creative way to introduce himself to the students at his new assignment, Everett High School in Everett, Mass. I was not prepared for what I would hear next. This 15-year veteran administrator made a video that was played for the students. It opened with him walking the halls of the empty school dressed as the Arnold Schwarzenegger character, the Terminator.

Erick Naumann goes on to introduce himself as the “Naumannator.” The video is downright disturbing but, what’s more disturbing is that after outraged parents called for action, the “Naumannator” and his lawyer met the school committee in a closed meeting during the night. Really?

After the meeting Superintendent Frederick Foresteire announced that Naumann made a “poor” decision, but is a “good leader” and “will not” be fired. Really? Kids get detention for less than that. The superintendent also said there would be another meeting (closed, I’m sure) to decide what, if any punishment Naumann should face. Really? What happened to the outraged parents? How did they take this news?

I guess I’m the only one who finds this solution unacceptable. After all, some would say, Naumann did apologize, and was supported by many students and parents. Maybe, I’m just too sensitive. It was just a month ago a “Naumannator” with real intentions walked the halls of Sandy Hook Elementary School until the halls were empty in Newton, Conn., remember?

Really. When will we get that violence breeds violence? When will we understand that not all children can be exposed to continual violence and grow up to be non-violent adults. Why is this man’s apology worth more than the children in his charge? When will adults wake up and be adults. How long will we bargain with our ‘s physical safety?

What happens when a student or an adult mimics the “Naumannator” and starts shooting? Will an apology be enough? How long will we choose the poor choices of adults over the emotional damage we are inflicting on our children? Have people of faith considered how we have offered up our children’s spiritual wellbeing so that adults who may have never read the Constitution can buy more automatic assault weapons?

Valora K Starr is director for discipleship.

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cindy says:
Jan 17, 2013

I truly think this is terrible. No one will do anything because in the USA violence is now just a part of our lives almost like the third world countries. We used to be able to say we could go to the store, mall, a movie, school, or work and not worry that we were going to be shot. Not so today. It has just become a norm because it is a right for everyone to have guns. No one does anything but we just eventually forget about it until the next big shooting occurs. We tell ourselves we don’t care because they are not from our hometown….it will happen in everyones hometown before it is over because we allow it to go on.

Susan Drane says:
Jan 17, 2013

How did he think the students would react to a depiction of a school administrator as a terrorist? If I were one of the outraged parents, I would now be outraged at the school committee that didn’t see the problem. I would run for the school board in order to prevent hiring anyone else who thinks this is the way to introduce themselves.

Syd says:
Jan 17, 2013

I was recently informed that my nephews 1st grade daughter was taunted by her teacher. The teacher had assigned her a very derogatory *name* as a motivator to improve her handwriting. As one can imagine the classroom children picked up on the name and have begun to taunt her with it. When the teacher was confronted by the parents, she admitted using this name and saw nothing wrong with it. Why is this teacher not held responsible for her behavior? My advice to the parents were to visit with the principal, perhaps remove her from the classroom or the school. As adults we are to recognize behavior that is demeaning and belittling is behavior that stays with anyone for life. I’m aghast at the behaviors of some adults in all facets of life. Adults use whatever means they feel necessary to get whatever results they want. Where is the love and concern? Get back to the words of Micah 6: 6-8. There is a wealth of great advice to adhere to in the Bible!

Elaine Scheer says:
Jan 17, 2013

Seeing things that are happening all over the world I find it very unprofessional of someone who has been hired to put ideas in the heads of students. Most students probably would find this funny but as they grow older they will stop and think that maybe he needed some growing up to do himself.

A school administrator should use more common sense. Students many times get their ideas from TV or the movies. Is this where this person is thinking and would rather be a movie star. It probably earned him name recognition but this is not as important as putting his best foot forward and helping students realize that the best place to find comfort is in the Bible.

Deb52 says:
Jan 21, 2013

I agree – all kids cannot live with constant images of violence and then grow up to be non-violent. Our local suburban HS mascot is a PIRATE holding a knife blade in his teeth. Really? A pirate? A man whose job description includes theft, destruction of property, rape, torture, & murder? This is the image we want our kids to identify with? Our boys’ football team & girls’ basketball team have a similiar name – RAIDERS (as in a group of pirates.) Stop romanticizing violence and those who perpetrate it! (as in the Jonny Depp pirate movies.) It’s confusing to kids when the signs hung in the school hallways about non-violence are over-shadowed by even bigger banners of a pirate with a knife clenched in his teeth! When will parents & school administrators wake up? PUT THE 10 COMMANDMENTS BACK IN SCHOOL. At least then kids will know what adults TRULY expect of them.

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