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History has its eyes on you

by Susie Brekke 

I’m a huge fan of the musical  Hamilton. My husband scored major points by getting us tickets for Chicago’s show in April.

Two lines and themes in the show resonated with me: “History has its eyes on you” and “Who tells your story?” These lines suggest the desire to be remembered, to live well and to have our stories told.

They made me wonder how my children will see me.  Will I be known as their mom only, or will there be other parts of me they see and emulate? Will they want to tell my story to their children and grandchildren? Will there be a story to tell?

I pray that my girls remember the parts of me that live well, that honor God, that serve others, not the shameful parts I’d rather erase from my history.

Living well might look different for each of us. Today, living well for me includes trying to be the mom these girls need. It means that despite my failings, God has given me the gift of three amazing girls to raise. They will, I pray, never doubt I did my best, and I did this job with love for them and our family.

While the role of wife and mother is important to me, there is more to living well than that. Click To Tweet

While the role of wife and mother is important to me, there is more to living well than that.

Following Jesus is part of living well. It means that my faith is not just something lived on a Sunday morning. My faith follows me throughout my days. It clings to me when I read about injustice, violence, war, tragedy, pain and joy. It informs my opinions and beliefs in parenting, financial choices, my marriage and how I speak out.

At this season of life, I come alive when I write or talk about injustices in our world. It grieves me when people are apathetic or lack compassion, especially Christians.

I struggle. A lot. The best I can do is pray for God to move hearts and to focus on my response to events that unfold in our world. I can fret, or I can pray and respond. Some days I choose to stew; other days I decide to act.

I hope my girls remember their mother as one who cries for refugees or one who speaks out for those without a voice or as one who prays for her enemies (those I disagree with or who frustrate me). I hope they remember me as one who gives money and time to the less fortunate or as one who calls her representatives to express concern or approval. If they remember me as a mother guided by God, then I’ll feel that history was kind to me.

I hope they tell my story by first loving and serving God, then loving and serving people.

How do you hope history remembers you? How do you want your story told?

Susie Brekke is a 30-something wife and mom of three girls living in De Pere, Wisconsin. A member of Ascension Lutheran Church, she enjoys singing, chatting with friends over coffee, writing, photography, reading, family walks and gathering around the table with family and friends. She blogs at https://called2loveandserve.wordpress.com.


Photo of Susie and her girls

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Charlotte Briggs says:
May 28, 2017

Beautifully written.

Valora says:
May 29, 2017


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