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On harvesting

The harvest season is upon us, and harvests signal lots of hard work and dedication. Long hours from sun up to sun down are spent harvesting food for all of us to eat and enjoy. Here are three harvest poems by Bridgitte Williams to celebrate the season, a tribute to the hardworking farmers that put food on our tables. Thank you farmers!

Grown With Love

This crop
was grown from love
and with the help
of the Lord above.
Once, so green
and still so strong,
now, a promising sturdy brown,
it won’t be long.
We will gladly
reap what we have lovingly sown
and have plenty of food
to call our own.

Harvest Season Haiku

Ripe and so ready
Waiting for a farmer hand
to pick and complete

This Crop

As this crop
has grown,
my tears, joy and sweat,
it has known.
This crop
is now finally ready
to give to me
its generous harvesting blessing.

Celebrate the harvesting season by reading some poems about the harvest. May your harvest season be plentiful and rewarding!

Vanessa Davis serves as an administrative assistant with Women of the ELCA.

Comments (2)
Valora Starr says:
Aug 03, 2012

Thanks Vannessa,

The children have been watching their plants in our community garden at church since planting back in May. Mid June we harvested 6 green beans. The kids and adults were excited at this tiny miracle! Thanks for the reminder.

Elouise Lawrence says:
Aug 08, 2012

I drive by fields of grain many times a year on the way to our camping destinations and
Tell my husband over and over how I enjoy seeing them. Yet, now I realize that I need to
Thank the Lord for all the labor that our farmers put in. Thank you, Lord!

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