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Gratitude for Women of the ELCA

ShortBlue.RGBAs I anticipate the upcoming Women of the ELCA Triennial Convention and Gathering, I think of all the blessings this organization has bestowed upon me.

  1. This organization and its executive director have continually reminded me where to find answers to most of my questions and, I daresay, your questions as well. It is the constitution of Women of the ELCA. Each time I look to it I imagine being a part of the writing team some years ago that created drafts and eventually this document voted on at the constituting convention. This constitution has vision, flexibility and guidelines, and it adds order to the organization. I am forever grateful for this document as I have often looked to it with fresh eyes.
  2. The Purpose Statement of Women of the ELCA is loaded with direction and calls us all to action. Words like affirm, engaged, healing, grow, empowered and many others are the root words of the ministry that this organization knows so well. We cannot go astray when called to this purpose.
  3. Countless acquaintances and friends are a large part of Women of the ELCA. I have found the majority of my friends on Facebook are generated by Women of the ELCA. I hold in my heart a great responsibility to these women. Each woman has mentored me, called me to fervent prayer and supported me in joys and sorrows. My participation in organizations is few but there is no comparison to Women of the ELCA
  4. The principles of Women of the ELCA have been challenging for me but I continue to learn and grow. I appreciate the conversations that have been generated on social topics. These conversations have held no ill will but encouraged me to see through another’s lens. The resources produced by Women of the ELCA are some of the finest. These resources have helped in my journey, and I hope you use them in yours.
  5. Lastly, this organization has the potential to do so much. Stewardship is a key component to the growth of this organization. Please support financially Katie’s Fund, Regular Offerings and Thankofferings, publications and Café, and the many other shared ministries as you can. I hope there will always be an organization for many generations to come but it won’t happen with the current trends. Again I plead, think about the blessings that have been yours. Please share those blessings with the Women of the ELCA.

Syd Brinkman, of Allison, Iowa, is completing her second term on the churchwide executive board.

Comments (2)
Sharon Heck says:
Jul 10, 2014

Wonderful! I second everything you have to say. See you soon.

Kris says:
Jul 11, 2014

Amen, Syd! You speak for me, too.

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