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Generosity of grace

Hands down, the most important lesson motherhood has taught me is that I absolutely need God’s unwavering grace in my life.

Professionally, I was confident and had grown used to success. In motherhood, I felt awkward and inadequate, unqualified for the most important and wonderful job ever entrusted to me.  If the most important lesson motherhood has taught me is my need for God’s grace, then the second most important lesson is to share it with others.

The two people on earth who have shown me the most grace are the same two who have led me time and again to seek God’s grace–my twins, Max and Elly. I can’t count the number of times my apologies for losing my patience or forgetting a promise or burning the brownies again are met with a smile, a hug and an “it’s okay, Mommy.”

Now my prayer is that I am as good a teacher to them as they are to me about the unfathomable generosity of God’s grace.

This message is an excerpt of “There are two in there” by Brenda Meier Kimaro in the April 2017 issue of Gather magazine. Today we remember Olavus Petri, priest, who died in 1552; Laurentius Petri, Bishop of Uppsala, who died in 1573; renewers of the church.

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