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Changing the world around you

To be an advocate means to speak up, to plead the case of another or to champion a cause. Usually advocacy involves bringing influence to bear to win change. It is something most of us do routinely on behalf of ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our friends.

Becoming an advocate may seem overwhelming. How does one even get started? If you want to make a positive difference for vulnerable people in your community, then you will need to start by taking three steps:

  1. Become informed by getting the basic facts.
  2. Become involved by volunteering at an existing program, attending a conference, or answering telephone inquiries at a referral line.
  3. Become an advocate by making calls or writing letters.

What will you do to change the world around you?

This message was adapted from the “Stand Up for Justice” resource available from the Women of the ELCA website. Today we remember Matthias, apostle (transferred).

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