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Fall elections must address hunger and poverty »

About this time last year, on the eve of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, I joined with other leaders of denominations and religious organizations in pledging to end hunger at home and abroad. Read more about that here. My actions, on behalf of Women of the ELCA, stood in a long

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Are you connected? »

September is full of opportunities to stay connected with Women of the ELCA.  To name a few: You can register for the Tenth Triennial Gathering in Minneapolis, Minn., July 13-16, 2017; gather with women for Bible study; start an active unit in your congregation, launch a Café group; or become a friend of

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Here’s your alert: Gear up »

The other day I received an alert on my phone: “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.”

Sure it’s a few weeks away but, I appreciate the time to gear up.

I’ve been thinking about all of the women that received the news they have breast

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My brother had my back »

Recently I had to call a plumber after several of my own fruitless attempts to unclog a bathroom sink.

My first call netted a plumber who could find no clear cause for the drain backup—no lost toy, no child’s attempt to “fix” the problem. Yet there was still standing water. After 30 minutes, the plumber

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Taking an adult time out »

by Collette Broady Grund  

It’s been a rough week: church people dying and having serious surgery; an email from Ollie’s teacher every day about his disruptive behavior; the continued stress of trying to get pregnant. By last night, I couldn’t hold in the grouch anymore, and my poor husband came to bed silent and tentative,

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Celebrating grandparents »

Today is Grandparents Day. It’s a real holiday, did you know? There’s a lot of celebrate about grandparents, to be sure, so we’ve collected up some great posts from our blog archives, posts that remember and celebrate Nana, Grandma, PopPop, Grandpa, Mimi and all those other special people who fit that definition of

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Traveling light »

by Vanessa Young

The thought of packing everything I’d need to live and work for a year into two 75-pound suitcases terrified me. I was preparing to depart for a year of service with the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program.

I’m a planner. Family and friends know me as “the prepared one.” So

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Created in perfection by love »

by Kirsten LaBlanc

“Teach me to knit, Gramma.”

“I don’t know how to knit, Mija,” she said, “This is called crochet.”

“Teach me, please.”

I sat close waiting for a hook of my own. “First you make your chain.” Abuela circled a strand of yarn around the hook and through a knot. “Hold the end and move the

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