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Spring fever? »

It’s hard to tell in Chicago (after experiencing April snow showers) but spring has finally arrived and with it has come spring fever. According to Wikipedia, spring fever is a term applied to several sets of physical and psychological symptoms associated with the arrival of spring.  In general it refers to an increase in energy

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Photo by MilitaryHealth. Used with permission. https://www.flickr.com/photos/militaryhealth/3407272378/sizes/m/in/photolist-6c6anu-kN2gZk-kN2MWc-kN2S8Z-m9uP5b-e5aFSM-aEPW4c-2hwiZ-eCQdPT-345A2a-34adyd-345DAx-6xhhno-eDSfoE-9Vrpz7-eDL95T-8hda9Q-cyXWLJ-dspMEz-fmAcht-dspXsW-dspMGM-cH71fS-34aeNw-evyUry-evyUBo-7zWW44-c5QEB1-bEfVru-34a8sy-6moQ1M-6mt2iw-bSAk3P-345zDc-mEXc9E-bR5Dcz-bCaXmd-bCaX6W-bCaXz5-bR5DZv-bR5E96-bCaXf9-8Rmmrn-mdbrQP-mdbud4-mdaE7r-9Jzje8-9Vrpzd-aTmPQ6-aTn7qg-aTmHVF/

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month »

I have only occasionally joked that as director for justice for Women of the ELCA, I get to handle all the sins. Sometimes it feels that way with Women of the ELCA’s heart desire to address such weighty topics as racism, human trafficking, care of creation, and woman and child nutrition, to name only four.

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emma and syd

Set the agenda »

On Friday, April 4, I attended the Women, Faith, and Finance Seminar in Decorah, Iowa. Luther College established the one-day event in 2004 and hosts it every year at the Hotel Winneshiek. For the10th anniversary, the organizers brought back keynote speakers from previous years. The anniversary panel included Kathleen Rehl (who will lead a

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Self-care in stressful times »

A Spirituality & Health article title caught my weary attention!  “Practicing self-care during stressful times”   Yep. That would be just great to know how to do, is what I said to self!

I don’t consider myself a rookie when it comes to self-care. I am a Reiki Master, an EFT practitioner and I have

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It’s your call »

I serve on the Northeastern Iowa Synod Candidacy Committee, and most time I feel a bit inadequate in my service. Serving with me are many fine rostered leaders, educated professors and others with extensive church history. One of the fine things the committee does for its candidates

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Picket line or love? »

Fred Phelps, organizer and leader of Westboro Baptist Church who gained notoriety when he picketed the funeral of Matthew Sheppard in 1998 and, in more recent years, military funerals, is dead. And, the earth did not move.

However, days before his death social media lit up with

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Where is the awesomeness? »

I just have to ask.  Where is the awesomeness?  More specifically, where is the awesomeness in worship these days?

A number of years ago my husband and I attended an evening Taizé* service on Christ the King Sunday at a local Catholic church.  It was filled with awe.  From the low lights in the sanctuary, to

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The poison of tchotchkes »

A few months ago I attended a trade show for meeting planners. It was at a beautiful downtown Chicago hotel. There were workshops, then a luncheon. Then there was time to visit the exhibit hall.

When I first entered the exhibit area, I was overwhelmed. There were hundreds of booths. Some were promoting resorts, conference centers

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