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Back to school memories »

This past Monday my sixth-grader set up his locker with a staggering array of supplies. He took it all in stride. I, on the other hand, felt overwhelmed. Here I was, watching my first baby, with a first zit on his cheek, take another step toward adulthood. My arm was red with pinching

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6 lessons I learned when living alone »

Recently, I had the luxury of spending two weeks alone when my husband immersed himself in Ecuadorian culture. I’m happy to report that I survived and even thrived during my two weeks sans spouse. Sure, we talked on the phone daily, and the truth is I wouldn’t feel my time alone was

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Walking backward in high heels »

Yesterday we celebrated Women’s Equality Day, but wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t need that special day? Wouldn’t it be great if it were women’s equality day every day?

I’ve read about s/heroes who went before us, and I’ve marveled at their strength and tenacity in the face of struggles that

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Are you spreading the good news? »

Every month I read several newsletters from 64 synodical women’s organizations (SWOs). It’s one way I link to the work women are passionate about. The newsletters are full of information and stories worthy of sharing about the mission and purpose of the organization.

The collective work we accomplish together is amazing, and we can

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Be strong and bold »

I’ve thought a lot about my cancer and what it means for my future now that I’ve completed chemotherapy and radiation. The verse that resonated with me the most during this time was Deuteronomy 31:6: “Be strong and bold; have no fear or dread … because it is the Lord your God who

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Play ball! »

My congregation’s knitting group has a summer event called Stitch n’ Pitch—we take our projects to a ball game together and have a fine time chatting, cheering on the home team and knitting a row or two (maybe).

The last couple of years we’ve gone out to cheer on Chicago’s one and only first-place team:

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Confronting racism »

The ELCA is the Whitest denomination in the United States, according to the Pew Research Center. I can credit Women of the ELCA for caring about race issues and putting their money where their mouth is since 1997. That’s when the work of the peer educators’ anti-racism network “Today’s Dream: Tomorrow’s Reality”

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Pedaling with God and friends »

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Usually, when you hear these words, it’s December and the radio stations are filled with music that reminds us that the holiday season is in full swing. However, for me the most wonderful time of the year is the first full week of August. This is

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