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Prayers for peace »

Sometimes the possibility for peace in the Holy Land seems nearly impossible. In the last few weeks, the stories of suffering and death in Gaza have become overwhelming. As I write this, the Palestinian death toll is over 1000. Many of the dead and injured are civilians—the elderly, women and children.

The Israeli death toll was

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"Ninth Triennial Gathering | "

Experience #welcatg … again »

You may still be humming the tune, “Murrassalat” from worship. Perhaps you’ve even made some new Facebook friends and been tagged in numerous posts about the experience. Now that you are living a post-triennial lifestyle, you can still relive the gathering and share your experiences with the other women in your life and congregation.

Darling, you

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Onward to college »

As of today, I have less than two months before I move in to my Northwestern University dorm. Now that I have come to realize the little time I have left before starting my freshman year of college, I have taken the time to contemplate the past few years and how the experiences brought on

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Ninth Triennial Convention |

Not just a quilting society »

Head on over to Living Lutheran today to read some parting words from Jennifer Michael who ends her service today as president of Women of the ELCA for the 2011-2014 triennium. Read now.

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A life of service (to date, that is) »

I am finding myself at a crossroad.  I do not know what the future has in store for me, but I trust that God has a plan and it will be revealed to me at the proper time.Why do I find myself at a crossroad?  It’s because this is my final year of service to

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What? Us stressed? »

Interesting that at a time when my eyes are rolling around in my head, National Public Radio presents a week-long series on stress. NPR’s research found that about 1 in 4 Americans had “a great deal of stress” in the previous month.

To say the least.

You see, Women of the ELCA staff are in

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Amazing grace »

I need to confess. As a struggling saint and expert sinner, there are times when the sins I have committed come to mind; thoughts or dreams of some distant memory, or some broken relationship, or unkind words spoken in haste and they will weigh heavy on my

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Gratitude for Women of the ELCA »

As I anticipate the upcoming Women of the ELCA Triennial Convention and Gathering, I think of all the blessings this organization has bestowed upon me.

This organization and its executive director have continually reminded me where to find answers to most of my questions and, I daresay, your questions as well. It is the

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