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Take a deep breath…and begin »

Do you cringe when you hear the word fitness? Or are you excited about your workout time? One definition of fitness given by Dictionary.com is “capability of the body of distributing inhaled oxygen to muscle tissue during increased physical effort.”

Do you belong to an organization that promotes fitness?

The company I

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Honor, love and respect our soldiers »

I have a particular passion sniffing out the untold back stories of churches and wars.

David W. Blight is a man whose work I respect. In his book Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory, the author describes how freed African slaves provided our nation with the first Memorial Day

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Seize the opportunity »

I met a bold woman last Saturday when I was volunteering during our town’s annual house walk. It was about noon, and I was getting into my car for my lunch break when this bold woman spotted me.

She must have been in her 80s–maybe older–and she looked like an artist on an

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Nepal: Women in a disaster zone »

By now most of us know about the devastation in Nepal after two earthquakes struck the country in the last month. More than 7,600 people died. Some 2.8 million people were displaced. At least 280,000 homes were destroyed.

When I see a disaster of this magnitude, I wonder who will ensure that vulnerable

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Who’s gonna let the dog out? »

The other day I called my friend. Her daughter answered and we played our usual question-and-answer speed catch up. After our chat, I asked to speak to her mom.

Alli: “She’s in quiet time.”

Me: “Quiet time! Who put her there?”

Alli: (laughing) “Not time out! Quiet time! It should be over soon, I’ll tell her

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Turning off and tuning in »

Recently my husband and I bought a coupon for a two-night stay at a resort and spa. It’s a challenge for us to get away for vacation because of his business schedule and my work, so a short stay was a perfect way to reset our lives.

Our everyday life consists of multiple check-ins

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A Mothering Memory »

by Julie B. Sevig

I have only spent one night in the hospital as a patient. In college, I fell off my bike and hit my head on the curb, causing me to forget some key information, so medical providers wanted to keep an eye on me. But I’ve spent other nights in the

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May the Fourth Be With You »

“May the Fourth Be With You.”

May the 4th is “Star Wars Day,” a cause for celebration for not only fans of the George Lucas films, but folks who appreciate puns. Both of these can be scary groups to be trapped among.

I know because I am one of them. It’s kind of hard to

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