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Sleepless in Chicago »

I used to be a night owl. Plus, I could function on five hours of sleep or less. My family would sleep while I caught up on work, laundry, bills or TV. Often, I would fight the urge to sleep, fight what my body was telling me to do. I wanted to

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Abolish your roaring lions »

In Genesis 8:9-11, we read that Noah sent a dove out of the ark a few times hoping for signs his water journey was near an end. The waiting must have been tough.

We all have times in our lives when we wait. Perhaps it’s a phone call telling us our children are home

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What is there about soap? »

I don’t know for sure, but I’m fairly certain that in their younger days my two grandmothers, both of whom were born late in the 1800s, made the soap they used in bathing (even though commercially produced soap became available in the U.S. earlier in that century). Both led self-sufficient family lives, more out of

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Easter means new beginnings »

I woke up last week with Easter on my mind and thought about a new dress and an Easter bonnet. My family wasn’t religious, but my mother always wanted me and my sisters to have new clothes for Easter, right down to our underwear. She always said that Easter was a new beginning, a

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The promise of resurrection »

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” I’ve heard that since childhood. Perhaps I’m beginning to understand it now.

Holy Week is upon us. My experience of it varies each year.  In Alaska, Holy Week is a somber, but hopeful time. No matter how late Easter comes, wearing short-sleeved spring dresses and bare

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You can do this »

Since I’ve been participating in Women of the ELCA events, one of the concerns I hear most is about the future of the organization. We know of many concerns about “Who will do this job” like funeral meals, quilting, altar guild, board meetings, mission activities, and all the things Women of the ELCA participants do in

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Gray is the new blonde!? »

When (in the 1950s) and where (in small Midwest town) I grew up, blonde hair was all the rage. Images of young, lithe, and blonde models were everywhere in all of the teen magazines and those images sent one clear message: If you don’t look like this you are a LOSER! Being a little

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Safe havens »

Lately, I’ve been surrounded by docks on various Southwest Florida ponds, rivers, passes, and the Gulf of Mexico. The docks have caused me to think back to my father’s cherished Chris-Craft and the small “lagoon,” actually an inlet off Lake Erie, where it and a dozen or so small craft docked.

I thought about the

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