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Redirecting dollars »

Whew! The primary election in Alaska is over. How nice it would be if the airwaves, internet and newspapers took a break from broadcasting campaign ads! Alas, that is not happening.

Besides choosing candidates for the November ballot, including for a U.S. Senate slot attracting national attention and money, we voted on a single ballot measure.

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“Change, what change?” »

Did you know that your life can change in one sweet breath and all you can do is stand in wonder?

I just returned home from Charlotte, N.C., and reality is starting to set in. I love going to our triennial conventions and gatherings, and this year my granddaughter Savannah came with me. I knew we

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Weary no more »

I attended Sojourners’ inaugural THE SUMMIT in Washington, D.C., in late June, an intentional and invitational gathering of faith leaders committed to conversation and collaboration.I was invited because of WELCA’s justice work. I was also invited to nominate others to attend and two of the

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This is what bold looks like »

I’ve been thinking about bold women and how we’ve done as a community of women at being bold. My immediate thoughts turned to the 2,300 women at the recent Ninth Triennial Convention and Gathering.

There were plenty of bold moments at the convention and gathering but there are those less sparkly actions that might

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I’ll snack to that »

I wanted to write about menopause and the changes it has wreaked on my body. But I read an interesting article on snacking and decided, “Oh, I like that topic better.” Then it hit me how the two are linked.

Americans Cannot Stop Snacking,” an online article in “Bloomberg Businessweek” shouted at me as

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Blessed to be a blessing »

This morning as I prayed on my commute, the Lord comforted me and assured me that all I need to do is remain humble before him. He said he would take care of the rest. I really needed his words because there is so very much going on in my life and in the world

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What I learned backstage »

From July 22-27, I spent most of my waking hours backstage. When I wasn’t physically behind the curtains, I was wearing a headset to communicate with those who were. The setting was the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC, for the Ninth Triennial Convention (July 22-24) and Ninth Triennial Gathering (July 24-27).

Backstage was an inspiring

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Prayers for peace »

Sometimes the possibility for peace in the Holy Land seems nearly impossible. In the last few weeks, the stories of suffering and death in Gaza have become overwhelming. As I write this, the Palestinian death toll is over 1000. Many of the dead and injured are civilians—the elderly, women and children.

The Israeli death toll was

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