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Modern solutions to age-old problems »

During girl talk with my 90-year-old mom and some much younger girls, the subject of in-kind gifts for the Tenth Triennial Gathering came up. I told them Days for Girls—a movement to provide sustainable feminine hygiene solutions for girls in more than 100 countries—is one of our

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How do we stop the violence against children? »

During the last week of Lent, congregations in our conference come together for a lenten supper. It’s a diverse group of folks from urban and suburban congregations both large and small.

I sat with several folks from different congregational units. We talked about new program resources, and after I invited them all to the Read More »

Offering hospitality to our global sisters »

I have been preparing for the arrival of international guests to the Women of the ELCA Tenth Triennial Gathering, July 13-16, in Minneapolis. I pray that with each invitation we issue to our companion churches in other countries, they see the importance of appointing a woman to travel to the U.S.

Rightly, some in other countries

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Dukes down: acting on our faith »

This year started much like the last one ended—in a political fight with our dukes up.

We seem to argue daily: in conversations at home, in the workplace, and, yes, even in our houses of worship. People of faith are having trouble speaking civilly to one another as they hunker down in their respective political corners

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Faythe’s footprints »

I have been blessed to meet many people over the years. Now I’m at a place in life where it feels like I am bidding farewell to just as many people. Whenever I hear that someone has died, I say a prayer of thanksgiving for their life, for our lives together and for God

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Here’s your alert: Gear up »

The other day I received an alert on my phone: “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.”

Sure it’s a few weeks away but, I appreciate the time to gear up.

I’ve been thinking about all of the women that received the news they have breast

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Give us eyes to see »

Lately, after what seems to be horrific social behavior or political faux pas, we offer a barrage of side criticisms. Everyone is a Monday-morning analyst.

Our criticisms can be sparked by almost anything we read or hear about in the media. For example, lately the Olympics in Rio gave us Gabby Douglas and Read More »

I’m curious now »

I have an app on my phone that tells me what is being celebrated and observed on any particular day.

Today, there are three: Dump the Pump encourages uses of public transportation; National Fudge Day, Great! Eat fudge! and the third, the Soweto uprising.

Now this last one piqued my

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