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God is everywhere, not only in church »

It’s no mystery, at least to my pastor-husband, that church is not my favorite place to be. While so many Christians experience the Eucharist with humility and awe, my favorite part of it is getting up from my pew to stretch and walk.

I try to feel the depth of the mystery. And sometimes I do.

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A good book keeps reality at bay »

I’m at that thrilling stage between books: the time when I select the author I’ll spend my next several weeks with. (I’m a slow reader, slipping into bed, taking up my book, and soon listening to my own soft snoring.)

This New Year, I made an irresolute resolution to read more nonfiction, though I prefer to immerse

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Free from worry »

And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life? (Matthew 6:27)

My husband and I visited my mother in her six-floor Florida retirement complex last month.

At 85, my mom had her knee replaced and is getting around fairly well. She needs the other one done, and other

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What is your one word this year? »

A beloved Chicago Tribune columnist, a Southerner like me, bless her heart, presented a one-word challenge recently: Pick  a word that will “guide you through the coming year.” Because it did not originate with her, I feel perfectly comfortable borrowing the idea and sharing it with you.

Tribune columnist Mary Schmich’s

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6 lessons I learned when living alone »

Recently, I had the luxury of spending two weeks alone when my husband immersed himself in Ecuadorian culture. I’m happy to report that I survived and even thrived during my two weeks sans spouse. Sure, we talked on the phone daily, and the truth is I wouldn’t feel my time alone was

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Be wise as thou art cruel »

I’ve said some mighty cruel words about poetry in my adult life. Still, as a 16-year-old, I wrote a lot of it. (What teen didn’t?) I was in love many times back then, and paper, pen and poetry was my release. The thought of those verses today makes my face blaze. (Though I

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Connection without contact »

I am an introvert. Sometimes that surprises people because I’m not a reticent introvert who hides behind walls to avoid people. (Though I have done that.) I used to claim I didn’t like people, but that’s not true. I do like people…as long as lengthy conversations aren’t involved.

This means I cherish Facebook and

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Virginia’s gift »

Recently our pastor asked us on Facebook to name Black women we admire who are still alive. Responses poured in and she mentioned them in her sermon. The names included media moguls like Oprah Winfrey, political activists and authors like Angela Davis, Tony Morrison and Michelle

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